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Greetings!! My name is Diana. I was born, raised and still living in Georgia. I am 35 years old; mother of an 18 year old daughter (who is also natural). I am also a licensed massage therapist.

How long have you been natural?

I decided to “return back to being natural” in June of 2010. Best decision I made that year, lol.

What motivated you to go return to natural?

My motivation to transition was my grandmother. She passed away 6 months before I made the decision to transition. She always wanted me to wear my real hair and stop using relaxers and weaves all the time. So in honor of her, I decided to put down the creamy crack and see what I could do with my hair. Prior to transitioning, I was always changing hairstyles. It was something different every week (sew-in, braids, color, etc.). 

I’m a self proclaimed “kitchen beautician”. I have BC’d twice since being natural. I transitioned for about 3 months, then I grew a little impatient with the process and cut all my relaxed ends off. My second BC was March of 2013. I made the mistake of damaging my hair with heat, so I had to start all over.

How would you describe your hair?

I would describe my hair as HAPPY!! It’s a mixture of thick 4b and 4c hair textures. It gets a lot of attention from people…definitely a conversation piece!

What do you love most about your hair?

I love the fact that my hair is very versatile. Even though it is in it’s natural state, I can still do so many things with it.

What has been the most memorable part of the journey?

The most memorable part of my journey has been gaining so much confidence over the years. I feel as though I walk taller and my head is held higher now.

What are your favorite hairstyles?

My favorite hairstyles are puffs, twist outs, tuck and pin, 2 strand twists and rod sets. I really enjoyed my twa when I BC’d the second time. My favorite protective styles are braids, crochet braids, yarn wraps,and sew-ins.

Any memorable reactions from friends or family?

My experience has been a great one!! I’ve gotten tons of support from family and friends of all races and ethnicities. Surprisingly, I’ve even been the reason why some of them have decided to start a natural hair journey of their own.

What is your favorite hair regimen?  

I really don’t have a specific hair regimen. I just do what I feel my hair needs at that time, whether it’s cowashing, deep conditioning, shampooing, or whatever. I just try to keep it as moisturized as possible. Because my hair is color-treated, thick, and 4b/4c…it tends to dry out quickly. I like to use thick creams, oils and butters. The lighter products just doesn’t work for me.

What are some of your favorite natural hair websites or vloggers?

My all time favorite go-to website that I absolutely love is Youtube. If I want to learn how to do a certain style or see a review on a product before buying it, I can always depend on the YT!! I just do a search and watch some of the videos that pop up and go from there!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Inspirational Words: Be the best you that you can be! Have fun with your journey!! People are going to stare at, ask questions about, talk about, and have the urge to touch your hair…that’s ok! Just use that as an opportunity to share the knowledge of how your hair is your crown and you take pride in it!! You may experience some trials and tribulations, but don’t give up!! Patience is a must! Love yourself and your hair!!!!!

Where can we find you on social media?

I can be found on Instagram: @onedimple_goddess


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