Does curl pattern matter? It’s a valid question. Many are actually straddling the fence on how they feel about the purpose and usefulness of knowing your curl pattern. Hair texture includes porosity, density, width, and length, not just curl pattern. Now, many agree that understanding your curl pattern matters when it comes to understanding the products and techniques that will work for you, but there are others who feel it is unnecessary and an unfounded way to help care for your wavy, coily, and curly hair. This whole “let’s love what we’ve been born with revolution or movement” is gaining new followers daily and they need guidance. Not just guidance, but real answers that are applicable to different curl patterns.

Let’s admit it: texture discrimination and curl envy existed far before there was a means of identifying or labeling different curl patterns. Remember the terms good hair, buckshots, baby hair, beady beads, mixed hair? Yep, that inferiority and superiority complex existed far before texture typing.

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Knowing Your Curl Pattern Helps: Here’s Why


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