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Going gray and going natural at the same time seems like the perfect way to embrace both new chapters in your life.  One is starting over while the other is allowing a natural phase to come into your being.  It’s a little scary for both and a lot of work at the same time but if you have the proper tools you can make them both happen successfully and gracefully. 

First off, don’t get it twisted…older women are sexy as hell and don’t have to go gray.  If that’s not your bag then own that and rock the color you were born to rock.


You also don’t have to live according to someone else’s perception of what an older woman should look like.  Do you and do it well!  Never feel this is about anyone else.  It’s about you.  So if you want to go natural and gray at the same time then do that and know that this is your choice.

Know that you will need to make some additional changes to your routine for your hair and that what you may see everywhere in blogs, tumblr, on the runway, may not apply to you.  Let’s face it...we’re not 26 anymore and neither is out hair. We need to realize it, own it and grow with it.  

Embrace the Gray?
Some people, usually men, view gray hairs as a sign of seniority and say that it gives them a “distinguished” look. Women, on the other hand, are usually horrified. Tolerating gray hair is one thing, but embracing gray hair is quite another! Nonetheless, at some point you’ll have to accept what you cannot change. Remember, chemical hair dyes are not natural! 

Glowing in Gray 
The solution for your newfound grays depends on what you’re dealing with once they make an appearance. If you’re going from wavy to curly or from curly to coily, consider adding more moisture-rich products to your hair care routine. The more curl your hair has, the more porous it tends to be. Gray hairs are more dry on their own, regardless of curl pattern or lack thereof. Additionally, some curlies seem to have the frizzies under control until the gray hairs takes over the majority of their hair. However, until your whole head is gray, which can take decades, you probably don’t need to go on a full-on quest to find a totally new regimen.

If you’re now dealing with random straight hairs or patches of somewhat straight hair, try scrunching it along with your regular hair. Treat it the same way you do the rest of your hair and see if you can’t convince it to cooperate.”

Moisture is key!  It’s king, queen, and everything in-between for going natural and for going gray.  Use products that are rich in natural oils and water.  Eat better, drink more water and exercise.  All of these things will make a difference in your tresses and in your grays so don’t just take whatever mother natural throws your way.  Fight back with the right tools to make both transitions easier. 


Both processes take time so be patient and learn the terms for going natural and how you can better adapt to the changes your hair will be going through. Make both journeys pleasant and memorable but in a good way.  It’s the best way to do them both at the same time.  Hey, you might even enjoy it!

Loving your natural progression in life Naturals,


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  1. Donna
    July 28, 2014 / 4:34 pm

    Great post. Thanks!

  2. JazzWife
    July 30, 2014 / 11:37 am

    As a woman who is natural with white hair (it's not really gray . . . the "new" hair is actually white; it just appears gray as it sits next to a woman's darker hair . . . but the hair itself is white.), I'm not sure that I can agree that "going gray" is a scary process. I think it is just learning to adjust to a new look and fighting your desire to color. I think, at least for me, this has been the most challenging aspect of dealing with my highlights. Acceptance is key . . . then you can be fly with the changing you.

  3. January 20, 2015 / 4:08 am

    I agree with Jazzwife! the gray was the least scary part. However, people's reaction is sometimes scary, particularly that of other women, both African American and non. I work in an office with at least 20 women who are 45 and above and only one other woman has grey hair. The others find it odd and ask why I don't dye it or if I'm afraid of looking 'old." SMH….