Top 6 Curl Defining Techniques

Curl definition is one of the first goals a newly natural tries to reach. There are two problems with this for newly naturals: First, they must deal with accepting the idiosyncrasies of their hair after years of chemical treatments and second, accept the fact that not everyone will have the same or any curl uniformity, better known as clumpage. These techniques cannot create curls, but only define them so if your texture does not curl while in a moisturized state, no product can yield such results.

Most curls, whether loose or tight, can be defined with a few techniques and lots of conditioner, gel, custard, or pudding. Products preference and performance will vary depending on your hair’s porosity, density, length, and tendency to frizz.  Here are the top 5 curl defining techniques that will help you achieve a more defined loose styles.

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Top 6 Curl Defining Techniques


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