The Heat Junkie Detox

Jonesing for heat? Yea, it can happen to the best of us. Somehow a cute and different hairstyle (like straight hair) can turn into an overused crutch and it wouldn’t be so bad if it…wasn’t so bad! Heat styling should be used moderately and if you are way past that point, then you may be a heat junkie.

If your curls are limp, lifeless, and just not forming the way you would like them to no matter what product or technique you use, there’s a good chance your hair is damaged. We get countless questions on Curly Q&A from women who have damaged their curls to the point of no return, asking how they can get their hair to curl again. The first step ladies is to put down the flat iron, step away, and submit yourself to a Heat Junkie Detox. Here’s why:

The dangers of heat

Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons all inflict extreme thermal strain on our tresses. Constant heat styling can rob your hair of its moisture, create bubble hair, and damage your hair’s protein structure. Heat damage is real and cannot be fixed or reversed. Once it’s damaged, all you can really do is cut it off and learn from the experience.

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The Heat Junkie Detox


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