The Benefits & Misconceptions of Hair Vitamins

Vitamins and curly hair go hand in hand in many conversations on social media. Websites, bloggers, vloggers, and guests in forums discuss the variety and benefits of the supplements.  Many curlies are gung ho on growing their tresses as long and as quickly as possible, so the boom of the natural movement has given way to a slew of information on which vitamins will do the job. There has been some pushback from nutritionists about eating healthier to gain all the vitamins you need through food, but not everyone is buying into that philosophy.

Some just want convenience of popping a vitamin to gain longer tresses quicker. 

Yes, most of us remember taking those disgusting liquid vitamins growing up, but liquid vitamins are making way with adults and that also means naturals. So the debate begins on which is better…liquid or pills?

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The Benefits & Misconceptions of Hair Vitamins


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