Shrinkage is a Thing, Accept It

Shrinkage is one of the top five most infuriating natural hair problems for most naturals. Everyone is trying to fight it or stop it before it even begins. It’s the devil to some while others just feel it’s something one must “deal” with. Some curls have minimal shrinkage while others contract to 50% or more of their true length. As we stretch our coils to show the world we actually have long hair, I’m wondering if we are all missing the point.

Although everyone’s reasons for returning natural are different, the point of being natural is accepting and nurturing the hair that is naturally growing out of your head. It’s that simple. The problem with that thought is we do not live in a society where all women are considered beautiful in their natural state whether we are discussing body image, age, skin tone, or hair texture. We are in a highly superficial society where looks are everything and most women and girls are pressured to feel they must abide by what the masses view as acceptable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Shrinkage is a Thing, Accept It


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