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Seriously Natural Spotlight – Awanda

Via GlobalCouture

Hello to all ! My name Awanda Perez , I live in northern Spain , in the city of A Coruña. Previously I lived in Madrid , London , NYC, Italy and Santo Domingo , the city where I was born. My trip to natural began long ago, but it was not until nearly two years ago , when I decided to start from scratch, by doing a Big Chop.

How long have you been natural?
Now almost two years ago. At other times I had cut my hair, but the lack of information and determination out I became discouraged . Now however, I can not imagine my hair, any other way than with my natural curls.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

What motivated you to make the transition ? Were you transitioner or Big Chopper and why?
I decided to do the Big Chop because my hair was very damaged from dryer and abuse of chemicals, so encouraged by my husband Alvaro Lake, one day in the evening , we made the Big Chop.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is like me. It changes a lot depending on the day . That was one of the first things I had to learn . I have a 3c texture, but on the front of the neck and have a more open loop. My hair is thin , prone to frizz and does not like too much product . As my care routine is pretty simple . Consists moisturize and leave outdoors.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

What do you like most about your hair?
No doubt that it has its own life. I can make different hairstyles, which allows me to change my look without making major changes.

What has been the most memorable part of your journey? Has it been easy or difficult , or both?
The part I liked most is when my curls began to flourish . The hardest were the first three months, when did not know what to do with. Just that moment and that is not too short to wear a style , not too long to comb.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

Any memorable reaction of family or others? 

For the very positive experience overall . At first the family did not really understand what he was doing . My mother looked at me and said do not recognize me , because I was used to seeing me with the smooth and long hair. At work the reactions were of surprise. But yes, in no time no one told me I was ugly or that my hair was ugly. 

The surprise was the change itself, not by the hair type. Well I have a pretty strong personality, they would have dared to say anything lol. My partner has always supported me and helped , without him I could not have to made peace with going natural.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?
Like I said before, my regimen is simple. Wash & Go about every three days. Maybe one day in the month I may wear finger coil or bantu knot out style. First, because I really do like my curls as they are and then because I have not much time. Between work , the blog of GNs and things of houses, doesn’t leave many  hours in the day. 

In terms of products, although at first I tried several , now always use them: My favorites are Shea Moisture, but they are very easy to get here in Spain. I use very little shampoo, moisturizing mask many such ”3 Minute” Aussie. Another product I love is the cream curl reviving Macadamia oil, because it sets my curls without weighing and also a Anti Frizz Serum … Oils: The one I like is the Olive, although I often use the Argan.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

What are some of your favorite websites natural hair YouTuber of, or blogs?
I do not have much time left to see other blogs , overall I like almost everyone. Always learn interesting things . But if I had to choose , or say no , it would definitely be the one to, in my opinion she is the best. The most comprehensive and international. I also had the fortune to meet her and Gene, her Spouse, are really Wonderful.

Seriously Natural Spotlight - Awanda

Anything you want your readers to know ? Inspirational words ?
I would say : BECAUSE GOOOOOOOOOOO freedom ” Love is in the Hair”

Where can I find more information ?
Go Natural Spain, movement based on respect and adoration of black beauty. Our philosophy through our official page and activities are always designed at this purpose , over the progress of self -confidence and aesthetic advice to our followers.

Facebook : Awanda Pérez / gonaturalspain
Tumbler , Skype, pinterest and twitter : GoNaturalSpain


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    I think it just means however much vinegar, put equal water. Example, if you use 2 teaspoons of vinegar, use2 teaspoons of water.

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