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Product Review – Shea Moisture Hair Color System

Shea Moisture has become a much loved all-natural line with products for hair, body, and face.  They have blossomed into a massive and relevant company that many Naturals have heard of or tried. Last year they launched a hair coloring system that made me happy since I had been too scared to try traditional dyes or henna.  

When Shea Moisture introduced this product I was tickled pink and felt finally ready to color my hair.  Not all the ingredients are natural in their color line system but it is less harmful than regular dyes.

 “SheaMoisture is a groundbreaking natural haircare line that is redefining the art of hair color. Forging a new path in healthy coloring options, the SheaMoisture Color system is a gentle, ammonia-free coloring system that provides true, translucent color. This incredible alternative offers warmth, super hydration, natural and certified organic ingredients for all hair types. 

SheaMoisture Color System’s moisture–rich, no ammonia and no sulfates formula is enriched with certified soy protein ingredients to replenish protein. The formula adds a radiant shine, includes organic glycerin to provide enriched moisture and Fllaxseed oil for manageability and sheen.” Shea Moisture FB. 

I already have fallen in love with many of their hair products and was ready to try the color.  This is not my first time using this hair color line but first time doing a review of it.  I chose Dark Golden Blond because I’m not a fan of reds but wanted a really light brown color.  I have dark brown hair which to me is pretty boring so a lighter color in the Summer sounded like fun. 


*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!

**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again.  

***     Average.  May or may not buy again.

****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.

***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

 Shea Moisture Hair Color System – Dark Golden Blond *****

I have never in my life fell in love with a hair color line but I have to say this is one to fall in love with!!!  My hair felt SOFTER after it was finished. They give you more than enough shampoo, conditioner and elixir for your application, but I have to say those bottles are hard to squeeze to get the product out.  That would have to be my only complaint.

The color was gorgeous and I’m happy but I must share that they do not recommend going more than two shades lighter or darker.  Since it didn’t have ammonia I was worried I would not get a true color but that was no longer a concern.  My hair is lighter that it was the first time I colored it and that was a little jarring at first but now that the dust has settled I’m really happy. 

This used to be at certain Target’s but reasons unknown to me they JUST stopped carrying in the stores.  You can however buy all the colors online at  Now, some have complained about the price.  It’s $14.99 but if you are concerned with a dye changing the texture of your hair or damaging your curls then you might wanna shell out the money to use a kinder product to your hair.  

Also, if you have a red card at Target you get 5% off everything you buys staying on top of the sales is a great way to get the color a little cheaper.  I truly feel you will be happy if you give this product a chance and since my hair feels soft and silky I will be using this from now on whenever I want to color my hair.

Happy and kinder coloring Naturals,



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