You’re Doing Too Much: 5 Steps Your Hair Can Live Without

When you first start wearing your hair naturally curly the idea is to follow certain rules that will prevent damage and make your journey back to natural easier. There are others who have taken this road before you and are kind enough to share the tips, tricks and rules that garnered them positive results. 

It’s a good approach to take but as you learn new things, you learn to distinguish the absolutely necessary from the not-so-necessary and even the damaging. It’s ok to veer off from the path if it’s beneficial, and it’s certainly ok to try new techniques. The object is to find what works for you and develop your own best practices.

Not everyone has the same routine, rules, hair type, porosity, thickness, and other contributing factors to hair care. You get the idea so understand the goal is to do what works for you. Although we have differences, there are some steps that most of us can forgo occasionally or eliminate completely.

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You’re Doing Too Much: 5 Steps Your Hair Can Live Without

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