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What Do Your Hair Accessories Say About You?

I have more headbands than a Natural should be allowed!  It’s sad and embarrassing and although I’ve retired many and hardly wear the others, what does it ALSO say about me?  

Well, I can’t speak for others but for me it says I used the headbands as a crutch, a shield, a barrier.  I’m not saying everyone who has a drawer full of accessories has some sort of ‘issue’.  I just know that when I finally did the BC five years ago I wasn’t exactly as comfortable with my natural tresses as I am today.  It was a hard decision to make to let go of the braids and wigs and go…


It was hard for me because I was venturing into new territory.  An area unknown to me since I was a little girl and really don’t remember what my hair may have looked like.  Despite allll that, I was pulling things off the shelf at Target, Walmart, Sally’s just trying anything that I thought would stop the frizz and maintain a curl.  While figuring all that out I was acquiring a stash of headbands of all colors and designs.  

It made me feel like I was ‘dressing up’ my hair sort of.  Not sure exactly why I thought the headband helped but it was kinda like a little girl with her favorite blanket she needs to get to sleep.  I wasn’t quite ready to go it alone. 

It speaks to the notion that I had to ‘dress up’ my natural tresses.  I’ve heard many a Natural feel they have to do that as well.  Dressing up or fixing up their hair to make it look professional, presentable, beautiful or acceptable.  It’s not always about hair but if you feel you need a pound of makeup on, or the biggest, baddest earrings and jewelry to compensate for your hair aren’t you just saying your hair isn’t GOOD enough on it’s own?

Maybe or maybe not but when I began to realize that my hair was as beautiful as my old relaxed tresses then I began to shed the headbands and hair accessories.  Rarely do I wear anything in or on my hair and although I still go out with makeup (that’s a whole nother issue to discuss at a later date) I realized my hair WAS enough.  

Are some of us feeling the need to dress up our hair?  Are we even aware we are doing this and merely claiming it’s for the sake of fashion or are we hiding behind our extras to make our natural hair seem ENOUGH?

So I ask you…the natural with more hair accessories than Global Couture, the natural with more makeup on than a theater actor, or the natural with more jewelry than in a Rachel Stewart Jewelry collection…what are your accessories REALLY saying about you? 

Take inventory Naturals,


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