Beauty is in Whatever Texture You Were Born With

natural is a natural thing. A beautiful state to be, whatever texture you find
yourself with, it’s beautiful because it’s a learning experience. Each phase
teaches you something important, about you and about your hair. 

It’s much too
special to make a big deal over minor things such as straight versus curly,
kinky, coily or whatever.

I’ll never
forget when I saw a Latina with her own curly hair walking to the train one
day, and the thought occurred to me that if she could wear her own texture with
no problem, then I could too. So, I do. 
I don’t make a big deal about whether or not I’ll be accepted the
corporate world as a natural professional. I just be what I’ve been trained to
be…the best. 

My hair reflects that. 
Though, I’ve been tested, I’ve learned to represent being a natural
professional professionally all the time and I’ve found that if you don’t carry
a chip on your shoulder, expecting people to have a problem with your hair,
then most times they don’t. 

It’s all in how you carry yourself. People tend to
feed off of the attitudes we bring. So, I try to carry a joyful attitude
because I enjoy having a head of thick, full and healthy hair.

Frankly, I
could care less what people think about my hair. I love it. It’s my crowning
glory and I really didn’t start feeling that way about it until I discovered my
curls. They are curlicious!

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