4 Lessons That Will Make Or Break Your Hair Journey

“Your natural hair journey is a personal one. Everyone’s path is different and your journey will be as positive or negative as you want it to be. Attitude is everything. If you are seeing this as a lifestyle change, you will make it through with flying colors. 

Having a negative perspective and attitude will only cause you to concentrate on your failures. In order to achieve greatness during your journey, there are valuable lessons to learn early. 

Be Patient

Patience is your key to success. If you don’t have patience you will not make it alive in general and you definitely won’t last on your natural hair journey. Expecting to know what to do with your transitioning hair is dangerous, as most of us are still in relaxed hair mode and the two textures couldn’t be more different! Reading about different techniques and products are essential.

Also, it takes time to find the right routine to achieve healthy hair so if length is your main objective, then trying every hair growing notion (Monistat, inversion method, bull semen) will have you frustrated, broke, and potentially hindering your growth. Take the time to learn and understand your hair, what it needs, and which products it responds well to. Nothing great is mastered within a few days so expect the same from your natural hair.” Naturallycurly.com

Read my remaining 3 lessons over at Naturallycurly.com:

4 Lessons That Will Make Or Break Your Hair Journey


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