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Product Review – Caheez Designs by Carla Helene

Product Review - Caheez Designs by Carla Helene
Caheez Designs

I love hats.  I always have but it wasn’t until I became Natural that I began wearing them on the regular.  I love them for winter, summer, spring and fall and even though I mostly wear them in the winter I find myself always on the hunt for a new one. In my eyes there is hardly an outfit that cannot be made better with the right hat.  

I know most of the hats I like I need to add a satin bonnet but I’ve been wanting to try one with a satin lining for a long time and finally got the opportunity from Carla Helene of Caheez Designs. Carla Helene is creator of Caheez Designs and takes great pride in her passion and the history behind it.

My love for yarn has been passed down from my mother, grandmother and her mother before her. Hardly anything in my childhood closet was purchased in a store, but rather, was handmade by either my mother or grandmother. 

Caheez is a tribute to the ladies before me who sacrificed everything for a brighter tomorrow. With pride, I carry on the traditions of my family and strive to deliver only the best to my clientele. Each piece I create is an original design brought to life from my sketch pad and imagination. Carla Helene

Caheez has two collections, the Caheez Signature Collection and the Everyday Collection.

The Caheez Everyday Collection is a light weight alternative to the thicker Signature Collection. Currently, the cable knit hat comes in 6 colors and the deconstructed style comes in 3 colors. The size is a standard 10″ depth and it is lined with the popular leopard print satin to help protect hair from snagging, frizzing, breaking and drying out during the cooler months. 

I’m so used to wearing a big floppy hat that I was afraid this might be too small for me!  I was worrying for nothing as you can see I was loving how versatile it was and how cute (I think, LOL) it looked on me. The soft lining was so gentle on my hair and it didn’t mess it up when I took it off.  I was pleased.


*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!

**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again. 

***     Average.  May or may not buy again.

****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.

***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

                  Caheez Designs The Everyday Collection *****

Can we say I’m in love?  I have found my new favorite hat and I want one in every color!  It looks good, it feels good and it’s forgiving to my hair style. I loved how it never messed it up no matter how many times I took it off and put it back on.  So often we have to commit to a hat for the day because it ruins your style but that didn’t happen and it must be because of the rather large satin lining Carla has in her hats.  Soft, pretty designs that are forgiving to your curls/coils/kinks and your style. I love it!

I love the price and it’s no more expensive than a regular hat with no satin lining.  Only $24.50 and they ship within 3 business days.  Her Everyday Collection is soft, pretty, stylish and perfect for your coils, kinks and curls.  

We have a surprise for you so make sure to come back tomorrow because I PROMISE you…you don’t wanna miss it!

Happy hatting Naturals,



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