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Natural Hair Spotlight – NATURA Magazine

Natural Hair Spotlight - NATURA Magazine
NATURA Magazine

The Natural Hair Movement (NHM) is thriving.  More and more women are swearing off chemical straighteners (relaxers) and embracing their own natural textures even when buying hair.  Bone straight hair is no longer coveted and seen as the most beautiful hair to have. As we see other races began to copy our texture, we see a new road to self-love and self-appreciation.  

We are also seeing a domino effect with this movement in the products associated with black hair in general.  It’s not just the hair products that are multipying on the shelves, but anything remotely to do with our natural hair like accessories, events,  beauty boxes and even magazines.  One such magazine is NATURA Magazine. 

Natural Hair Spotlight - NATURA Magazine

Natura Magazine is an online publication/natural hair blog that celebrates natural hair and healthy lifestyle living. The main purpose of the magazine is to educate readers on natural hair care, healthy lifestyle and living your best life possible through fitness and nutrition. Natura (which is Latin for nature) is distributed quarterly to its subscribers and is in a league of it’s own.

The content of the magazine will take its readers on a journey of what it’s like to be natural in America today while breaking down all sterotypes and highlighting the appropriate ways to care for natural hair, various styling techniques and natural hair care and skin products. Readers will also get up close and personal hair moments with their favorite celebrities as well as fitness regimens for various body types and many healthy lifestyle tips from experts themselves in the hair care, skin care, nutrition and health industries.  NATURA Magazine  

Magazines are supposed to be filled with glossy pictures and interesting articles that capture the reader.  Only recently has the natural woman even been considered a real consumer. First when the movement began some hair magazines shared few pictures of natural hairstyles (mostly of braids) to cater to us.   As the movement grew the few pictures turned into smaller sections in the back of the magazines. Now, we see magazines strictly for us. 

Natural Hair Spotlight - NATURA Magazine

Several online magazines have tried to talk to that natural woman…that woman who is now a valued consumer eager to see products and pictures of her and her naturalness.  The only problem was their presentation.  They were not put together well and they LOOKED like an online magazine with a small budget and lacked flair. NATURA Magazine doesn’t have that lack of finesse. They look and FEEL like a magazine you would love leafing through and reading. I enjoyed that.  

I do wish it was in print and feel they have the audience willing to subscribe and look forward to receiving it in the mail. Regardless if that happens, naturals will love this publication and look forward to the new issues.   This magazine is filled with the necessary knowledge to become natural but it shares the glam of our natural hair as well. Our natural beauty that is sexy and haute and everything we feel when we rock our tresses.  I really fell in love with the magazine and feel you will too.  

Check it out Naturals,

Images courtesy of NATURA Magazine. 


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