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Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

Glimmer, glam and gleam seems to be the words to describe the styles of 2014 when it comes to makeup.  There are a lot of bold colors and even some not so common with the Spring colors up ahead.  Many colors and styles made waves in New York during Fashion Week for 2014 as well as the Golden Globes.  Yes, some may be a little over the top for you but I PROMISE you will find something you can work with.

No competition—ORANGE is the color for your lips for Spring 2014!  Yes, orange.  Not my favorite but it could be found EVERYWHERE during Fashion week and many beauty artists picked up the hint and have been wearing it and showing us HOW to wear it.

“Orange is the new red!”, can be heard everywhere so mark my words it’s the color to try.  If orange seems a bit over the top you can always try a matte color which will help tone it down.  Don’t fret because orange will look great with any skin tone and all you have to do is find a color you like within the orange family.  

Make sure the orange you choose works for your skin coloring. If you’re pale or have pink and red in your skin, go for pastel oranges or oranges that have more coral or red in them. Those with warm skin tones and medium complexions can get away with bolder shades or orange and oranges that contain a bit of gold and yellow in them. If you have dark skin, your best bet is to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep-red base. 

If you aren’t ready to go matte (as was all the rage on runways like Rag & Bone), try a light orange gloss. Orange stains look ethereal when worn alone or can add just a bit of pop on top of nude lipstick.  the Stir


They eyes are just all about the glitter and glam and the number color that is dominating is white.


Now I have to admit I REALLY like this look especially with the darker skin tones.  How gorgeous is that contrast of white against the rich darker tones? White is not the only color that’s big for this Spring.

Blues are making another appearance but this time from lash line to crease in a stunning statement lid. No need to be scared as you can see she is wearing it well and so can you! We will also see cat eyes which paired with the white eye makeup can give a mod-squad look that’s sure to be big! Metallic eye makeup is also expected to be big in the spring.  Odd I know, but trends don’t have to make sense…they just have to look good.

MsCreativeDiva, (Makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist) has done a video pairing the orange lips with soft shimmer eye makeup that captures the white trend for the upcoming spring and summer. 

OK, I’m going to bite the bullet and be on the hunt for an orange to wear.  I like the idea of pairing a light orange gloss with a nude lipstick so that may be the look for me when it gets warmer.  

So beauties…are you ready to sport your trending colors for spring and summer?  Share what you like about these trends (or don’t like) below.

Stay beautiful and lovely,

*Photo courtesy of and I paid for the usage. 


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