Korean Beauty Supply Stores Vs Black Owned – What’s Really Going On?

Korean Beauty Supply Stores Vs Black Owned - What's Really Going On?

Here I go opening my big mouth again. Well, I created a post over at blackhairinformation.com that’s a little controversial and has many black women commenting.  I didn’t want to leave my readers out so here’s a snippet:

This is an issue that has been irritating me to the core. OK, let me refrain from being hostile. This is an issue that has been irritating me for years! Oh well, I tried, I tried but my heart isn’t in it because it’s a problem that needs to be fixed and I think that the Natural Hair Movement (NHM) is one of the ways to change that. 

What do I mean? Well, let’s face it…black women, can you find a Beauty Supply Store in America that isn’t owned by Koreans? 

By the time I was living in New Orleans and going to college, weaves were big business and you couldn’t pass a block without seeing an ultra-big Beauty Supply Store in the shopping center. Now, am I equating the BSS with weaves? Yea, kinda, because I can’t remember that many stores being around until weaves got big. I also can’t remember being in a BSS without Koreans running and owning it either. 

Now, I have nothing against Korean’s and their entrepreneurial spirit but I do have a problem with them selling every product known to black women for our hair when there are barely any black owned beauty stores. 

You can read the rest and even comment here: 
Why Do Korean Beauty Supply Stores Outnumber Black Owned Ones? 

Take care Naturals,

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  1. 3d2002
    February 5, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    Lord God Khaya, you just said a mouth full and I enjoy every piece of it. Women can cuss out LaKeisha like nobody's business for shorting them on a rib tip platter but let them go into one of those Korean Beauty Supply stores, they just as mild and meek and subject themselves to be ridiculed like they are on a slave platform, being followed around, talked about by those Koreans in their language, putting them on a showcase, trying to find the right wig for them and telling them it's pretty and nice when all the while it looks like a damp dog and don't talk about the return policy, you buy, you buy….that's it, don't come back because we got your money now so skedaddle outta here until you come back with more money to buy new hair. I pray our sistas wake up and realize we are just pawns in this hair game and we are the losing pieces.

    It really hurts me to my heart that we accept this platform and really seems to be ok with it.

  2. Seriously Natural
    February 5, 2014 / 8:40 pm

    Yes he did but don't count yourself out. You said a mouthful too. Thanks for sharing.

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