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Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Elbows & Feet

Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Face & Feet

Baby, it's cold outside!  It's cold outside and warm inside but both conditions are making our skin dry.  What's a girlie to do to try and stay soft and supple? Well, you can buy the hundred if not thousands of brands out there that claim to give you softer more supple skin but best believe, you are going to pay for it! No, I don't mean just a little...I mean A LOT. One example is body scrub. Honestly...since many body scrubs can be DIY, I find some of the prices ridiculous.  Well, that's just me, but you get my point.

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As I said before, it's cold outside and yes I'm going to annoy you by bringing up the polar vortex.  This weather phenomenon is making January 2014 a winter wasteland and making most of us itching for Summer.  Somehow we have to survive this winter and if we ONLY worry about our hair most of us will look like scaly lizards come March and I'm not OK with that.  We've got to worry about our faces, elbows and hands and we can do that without spending a ton. 

Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Elbows & Feet

Simple, cheap and effective...these two items can give you're hands and elbows the softest skin you've had in years. Most of us already have these items in the house so no need to go anywhere other than your kitchen for this.

Pour 1-2 tablespoons of sugar in your hand
Pour about the same amount of olive oil in the same hand

Stand over your kitchen sink and mix them together in the palms of your hands. After mixed, rub the scrub all over your hands including the backs.  Hit your cuticles, your callouses (if you have any) and don't forget to hit those elbows too.  Rinse well (don't forget the elbows) and stare in amazement at the soft supple hands and elbows you are left with. You can even take this into the shower for an all over body scrub so keep that in mind.

Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Elbows & Feet

Now if you live on Pinterest like I do, then you've heard about this wonder foot soak that literally slouches the dead skin off of your feet.  You need a few household items and a basin.  It's too easy, too cheap, and it does work! I've tried it myself so you must give this one a try.

Mix 1/4 cup Listerine (any flavor) 
1/4 cup vinegar and 
1/2 cup of warm water 

Soak feet for 10 minutes and using a pumice stone watch the dead skin slouch off quite easily and quickly.  Now, you'll notice it's such a small amount and it won't cover your feet so I double or triple the amount.  I also added the pumice stone because some versions of this say it just comes off by itself but that didn't happen for me.  When I hit it with that pumice stone it worked well.  

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I'm not against anybody creating a product and making a living but there's also nothing wrong with making your own products and keeping a few dollars in your pocket.  It's cold out and it's dry inside so crank up the heat and pull out the humidifiers to keep some moisture in the air.  Use these tips to keep your hands, elbows and feet soft while we brave the elements.  

Stay warm and soft this winter Naturals,


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