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Product Review – Glossybox (2014)


This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.  I was asked by the lovely Glossybox to review their beauty box subscription.  I did a review a year ago but a lot can happen in one year and with the rise of beauty boxes available, it’s good to see if they are still worth the service.


GLOSSYBOX is the perfect beauty surprise – for friends, loved ones, even yourself! For $21 per month, you’ll get a beautifully wrapped box containing five deluxe-sized beauty products delivered directly to your doorstep.”


Beauty is about emotion, discovery and inspiration. We strive to create a special beauty experience that enhances all these elements for you. Every detail of our presentation has been thoughtfully constructed, each brand vetted to our highest quality standards and every selection carefully curated to surprise and delight you. We hold ourselves to these impeccable standards so we can be the leading resource for you on global beauty products and trends.  Glossybox

Here’s how it works:

1.  You get five (5) travel-sized luxury beauty products sent to your door each month.

2.   Once you have confirmed your membership, you pick your subscription plan and create a profile to help determine which types of products will be sent to you.

3.   They truly expect you to love this service since women in fifteen (15) other countries already do and Glossybox listens to their customers.

The prices are $21.00 monthly or you can pay for a:

3 month subscription $60.00

6 month subscription $115.00

1 year subscription    $220.00

I received the January 2014 box.  It’s their first box of the year and the theme was slowing down and relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. 

Product Review - Glossybox (2014)

Product Review - Glossybox (2014)

BALANCE ME Super Toning Body Wash

Product Review - Glossybox (2014)


Product Review - Glossybox (2014)


Product Review - Glossybox (2014)


Product Review - Glossybox (2014)


What I really love about this line is the sizes they offer for you to try.  They are always full or decent sized items that will allow you to fully try a product out.  You need more than one application of anything to know if you like it. Glossybox also introduces you to a huge array of products and lines that you may not know about or have always wanted to try.  

Balance Me is a line from the UK and the BEAUTYBLENDER is actually a really great idea for makeup application.  Actually I haven’t heard of any of the brands in this Glossybox and that’s why I like it.  I get to see what else is out there and they do seem to scour the earth to find some great products that most of us would not have known about or had access to.



*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!

**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again. 

***     Average.  May or may not buy again.

****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.

***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.


I am once again impressed with this service and I’m even more impressed with them keeping the same price as last year.  The box is beautiful, they seem to find a lot of natural products and they truly scour the earth finding all kinds of beauty items for their customers.  Can I have to add that my sister and daughter fight over the products!  They have some great makeup, nail polish, body washes and hair shampoos and conditioners.  

Glossybox now has a Men’s Glossybox so the man in your life can try new products just like you. If you want a vast array of products at high and low prices then this beauty box is the product for you!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Take care Natural,



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