Natural hair headaches!!

Natural hair headaches!!

Aw, come on!  We know they exist.  Hair is hair and whether it’s Natural or Relaxed, you are gonna have some issues that arise from time to time.  Being Natural doesn’t mean you wake up in the morning with it done for you.  It still takes work and has to be done correctly.  

I’ve listed a few issues or ‘headaches’ that will or can arise when dealing with Natural Hair.  The first four are for newly naturals.

1.   How do I start?/ What do I do?
This is inevitable.  If you have NEVER dealt with your Natural hair, then of course you are going to be clueless!  You will not have some intuition that kicks in and tells you what to do.  Research on the web, going to a Natural Hair Salon, or talking to other Naturals will be necessary to get started on your new journey.  It can’t be helped.

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2.   Dealing with the transition period.
If you choose to keep your length and not BC you will have to work with two different textures of hair and figure out how to deal with it.  You may try a protective style like braids, weaves or wigs, but whatever you decide it can get aggravating.  You know how I know?  You can’t read a hair blog, or website without seeing about five women getting sick of the transitioning and doing the BC even though they originally didn’t want to.  It’s hard, but don’t fret…you are not alone and there’s help.  (check out the links above)

3.   Buying new products.
You probably have a bathroom or closet full of hair products but all of them are for relaxed hair.  Believe me, there is a difference!  I made the mistake of keeping the old tried and true when I was relaxed and putting it on Natural hair.  It doesn’t work!  Most of those products are made for chemically treated hair.  A lot of them say they can be used on both but I find that hard to believe since my Natural hair and relaxed hair were two totally different animals. 

4.   You may not like what you get.
A new Natural probably has an idea of what their Natural hair will look like.  It may be unrealistic or just plain wrong.  I’ve had several women considering going Natural because of the way MY hair looks.  I try and tell them that my own hair didn’t look this way when I first started out. (Scab hair) Transitioning 101 – What Is Scab Hair And How Should You Deal With It?  Hair changes.  It could be hormonal, it could be the hair needs to get used to a different way of being treated and it’s also go to deal with being scab hair. Whatever the reason, newly natural hair can become very different in a few weeks, months or years. 

5.   Hair products may be expensive.
This one truly depends on the individual.  I have seen many Naturals complaining about the high price of Miss Jessie’s products as well as Kinky Curly.  You can try cheaper products but they just might not work for you.  The list of products for Natural hair is growing but let’s face it…it may take awhile for you to find what works.  Meanwhile you may have a growing stash and a grow frustration.  Don’t worry, you will find the holy grail soon enough. 

6.   Your hair will be wet a lot!
Natural hair needs and loves water.  It’s essential and unless you consistently keep your hair in a protective style, you will be co-washing regularly.  I rewet and add conditioner about three or four mornings a week and I know I’m not the only one.  Even if you don’t co-wash regularly, you will be using some sort of moisturizer on your hair and water usually is a big component. 

4 tools for tangles in Natural hair

7.   Detangling
This can be a MOTHER of a problem!  It’s a huge issue for quite a few Naturals and some struggle through it while others may just quit the Natural hair journey all together over it.  This is where the use of water  is necessary.  I slather a lot of conditioner on my hair during co-washing and finger comb so I don’t get tangles.  Just putting  the detangling session off doesn’t help and only makes it worse when you finally decide to get those tangles out.

Despite these headaches (and a few more dependent upon who you ask) I find them to be minimal and worth it.  This isn’t for everybody but I believe most Naturals would agree that being Natural is worth all the headaches in the world.

Stay informed Naturals,


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