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Holiday Parties – What to wear

Holiday Parties - What to wear

My bad, my bad.  I know I’ve been busy but this is no excuse for leaving you hanging on what to wear for the holiday parties.  I’ve discussed hairstyles (on here and on and Naturalhairrules!!!) and even discussed makeup.  What I DIDN’T seem to discuss was what the heck to wear.  Again, I am truly sorry but I promise you I am going to make up for it. This post is kinda long with pics and info so sit back, enjoy your Friday and let’s get this show on the road!

Glitz and Glam
There is nothing more fun than dressing up.  I mean, how often do you have the chance to really get all dolled up and sparkle?  Not often for most of us so when we decide to do it we do it up right.

Holiday Parties - What to wear

From the Fashion Bomb Daily we have a gorgeous and glammed style that is perfect for New Year’s Eve.  Shimmer meets classic in this style. What this outfit says is I’m ready for a night on the town.  What’s great about this is your ability to replicate this outfit without a lot of work or money!  I’m sure most of us have at least one of these pieces at home that never sees the light of day. Feel all eyes on you with the  satin camisole and  strappy pair of heels to the  pearl décor hard box evening clutch, and Asos Double Knuckle Ring set.  What I like most about this outfit is the price for many of the pieces.  Yes, some are pricey but most like the camisole, skirt and shoes are reasonable for such attire.  

Black and Gold
Not everyone likes dresses or even skirts but that doesn’t mean you can’t be party ready with the best of them.    has put together a black and gold outfit just for you.

Holiday Parties - What to wear

Every single piece is affordable or easy to replicate. I mean the most expensive piece in this ensemble is $40 outside of that necklace but a great piece of costume jewelry can replace it.  Don’t feel you have to add just the beige color as any other color can be paired with the black to give a stunning look to this outfit. 

Holiday Parties - What to wear

Day to Night

Nothing better than a holiday party outfit then one that can have two uses. Many parties are happening after work and if you don’t have the time to run home and put on something else, the best way is to wear an outfit that can be appropriate for work and play.    really put this style together well. 

Holiday Parties - What to wear

This outfit is my favorite and I am no fan of leopard print or gold but the simplicity of the classic look is drawing me to it and I love a classic style. 

Holiday Parties - What to wear

Now, the price of that coat is ridiculous but don’t fret because a classic black trench coat would suffice.  Calvin Klein has one right now at $49 and can be found at a few different places but if you are like me then you already have a black trench coat in your closet.  The strappy heels and that bag are easy to replicate as well for way less so don’t fret on that either.  Hit up Forever 21 or Target.  

Pop of color
Many don’t realize that you do not have to stick to just black, silver or red for the holidays.  You can add some vivid color to make you and your personality pop.    has done it again with this haute number.

Holiday Parties - What to wear

Remember you can replicate this outfit on your own.  Many of us have these items already in our closets.  Chose the color you want to bring to this outfit and again if you don’t have that color for the coat a black trench will do.  The shoes, belt and bag will still give this outfit all the pop it needs and don’t forget the accessories!  The last two dresses can be found for $29 at

The point of this post was more than just outfits for the holiday parties but that the little black dress is always a winner but not always the ONLY winner. These lovely sets will bring shimmer, class, style, and flair to you and your holiday event so hit that closet, the mall or your local Target for the look you want to wear.  

Enjoy the parties,


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