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2 fab Makeup looks for the holidays

2 fab Makeup looks for the holidays

Hey Lovelies, we are in full swing of the holidays!!  The weather is getting colder and dryer (well for some of us) and the time has already changed.  Thanksgiving has just passed us by and we are already in December.  We all know what happens next, right?  

after Thanksgiving we get bombarded with the Christmas/holiday parties that start popping up weekly.  Whether at work, with family
and friends or networking, it’s time to get all dolled up.  One party after another, one more engagement turns into two or three and each time everyone is looking stunning, festive and gorgeous. Are you? You better be!  This is our time to shine for most of us so if you are like me you need a little help in the makeup department.

Makeup is just as important as the outfit, shoes and jewelry you choose to wear.  Dramatic looks are expected but not everyone has the talent to pull it off themselves.  There is a fine line between sexy and sultry vs. gaudy and clownish.  I don’t have the talent to get those flawless looks (and the purpose of blush STILL escapes me) but there are some unbelievably talented women on YouTube who can show you how to achieve just about any look you want.  One of them is the lovely and gorgeous Stephanie Lee. 

Stephanie Lee goes by Beauty by Lee and has a remarkable talent with makeup.  She is truly an artist.  It doesn’t hurt she’s Natural (yay!) but even if she wasn’t I would be following her for her wonderful makeup tips and looks.  She’s got two great ones I wanted to share that will definitely get you glammed up for your holiday festivities and have all eyes on you!

This one is called the Dark Smokey eye and Dark lip trend that is dramatic and bold.  I LOVE IT and even though it’s 7 minutes I had no problems staying interested since the look is too gorgeous not to learn. What I loved about this video is her explanation on every thing she did and why she did it. There’s a lot more going on to complete this look then just the eyes and lips and watching the video gives you a lesson on light placement, contouring and which brushes to use.  I loved it!

This video is called Holiday Tutorial: Vino and Smoke! The first video is more of an dramatic look and this one is more glam.  If you want shimmer and shine then this is the video for you!  Again, she explains EVERYTHING….why am I just hearing about a eyeshadow primer?  Don’t judge me!  In this video she has one eye done while she tapes and discusses how to achieve the other eye.  Great way to see it coming together.  What a great teacher.

Here are two stunning looks for your holiday parties that will not disappoint.  I love both looks and hope I’ll be brave enough to give one (or both) a try when we go to one.  I will make sure to check out Beauty by Lee for more gorgeous looks for us to master.

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