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We Are Onyx Product Review

I became aware of, a beauty box subscription for black women, on Facebook a few months ago.  I was instantly
intrigued at the idea of a beauty box company created for black women and had to find out more. I’ve seen other companies for ALL types of women and even companies for just our hair but this was different.  This company was boasting of taking care of all our beauty needs.
 Let’s hear a little about the company and what they have to offer.
is your One-Stop Black Beauty Destination! Never again buy a product that
doesn’t really work for you!

The exclusive beauty box of
Kinky Curly! Hairveda, Komaza Care, Lamik Cosmetics, Shea Radiance, Herban Body
Care, Beautiful Textures, Doo Gro, Dr. Miracles Curl Care, African Pride, Beaux
Cheveux Essentials, Elasta QP.

Products & the Onyx Beauty Box for all your Hair, Skin & Makeup Needs.
WeAreOnyx makes your Beauty Smart!  
WeAreOnyx on FB

Now, this sounds great and it seems too good to be true but they were kind enough to send me a box.  I could check it out and see for myself whether or not it could deliver what it promised.  All I can say is…Yes, it DOES deliver!

You get so used to, too tiny to try samples, some beauty box companies have along with brands you would never want to try even if they were free. The beauty box concept is great but you never get to PICK what you want and the consumer is just at the mercy of the company.  At WE ARE ONYX, they work hard to supply you with items you’ve heard of or you may not have heard but truly wanna try.  Here’s what was in my box…and can I tell you I fell in LOVE with the box?


A 2 oz. jar

A regular size nail polish

A regular size candle
1 fluid oz. 
Pouch will stencils

1.75 oz. pouch 

Like I said before, the box is gorgeous, and the products they had in it really made me smile. I had heard of one or two but wanted to try EVERYTHING inside!  The sizes were big enough to try and get a real feel for the product.  Once you sign up and take a quick beauty quiz, you get to pick the samples you want sent to you.  

For $15/month you can select 4 to 6 deluxe-sized beauty products – and we will throw in a couple more surprises! Check your picks anytime in MY ONYXBOX. When you’re happy with your selections go ahead and click SUBMIT ORDER. Proceed to billing and your first Box is on it’s way! You can even start selecting your samples for your next months Box right away!

I’m loving this idea and feel it’s about time something like this company came along. They are professional, stylish and make it easy to try new beauty items. The price is right and even less than some other beauty boxes which really caught my eye.  The website is full of videos and tutorials and their experts are: 

Natural hair celebrity stylist, Felicia Weatherwood
Board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Meena Singh
Make up artist Extrodannare, Eric J. Allen 
REgistered Dietincian and Nutritianst, Amandeep Kalsi

If you fall in love with a particular product you can order it  from the site. They make it too easy to fall in love with them.  This is truly something you should try and I am excited about the company and its concentration on black women.  A beauty box addressing all of your beauty needs is definitely worth a look. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and here is where you can sign up:

Striving to keep beauty at our fingertips,


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