Seriously Natural Store is up and running

Seriously Natural Store

Many of you may have already seen the new store that opened up a few days ago.  Others may just be wondering where all these cute tops came from.  Either way Seriously Natural has created a store to embrace all women whether Natural, relaxed, young, old or in-between that want clothing to express how they feel.  Now, it’s no secret I’m a Natural and I’m a huge advocate but honestly, we are not all the same, nor do we have the same tastes. 

Right now we are offering beautiful short sleeve and long sleeve tops along with a few jackets and hoodies.  Expect to see more in the upcoming days and weeks.  Tops with our beautiful logo will be hitting the store in a few weeks as well as accessories like hats, scarves, phone and laptop cases.  Seriously Natural store is bringing it’s own flair on hair, beauty & style to the masses and I am sure you will find something you like.

Here are a few styles:

Naturally Beautiful Longer T-Shirt

Women’s Slim Fit T-Shirt by Bella

Slim fit, longer length t-shirt for women, 98% cotton, 2% spandex, Brand: Bella 

SN & Loving Slim-fit Ringer T-Shirt

Women’s Ringer T-Shirt

Slim-fitting Ringer T-Shirt for Juniors, 100% cotton, Brand: Bella 

Seriously Natural long sleeve hooded t-shirt

Women’s Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt by American Apparel

Form-fitting long sleeve hooded t-shirt for juniors, 100% cotton, Brand: American Apparel 

Being Natural is serious! Wideneck Slouchy Sweatshirt

Womens Wideneck Sweatshirt

Women’s Wideneck Slouchy Sweatshirt, 50% polyester/37.5% cotton/12.5% rayon. Brand: Bella 

There are many more tops, colors and phrases to choose from and I’m really excited about having some long sleeve tops and hoodies ready for the cold weather.  There are actually snowflakes outside my window as I type so I had to make sure we were ready!

There is a link up top of the blog as well on the sidebar.  Check it out, peruse and let me know what you think.  I’m happy to be able to bring some fashion and style that is reflective of Seriously Natural to our wonderful readers.  

Take care Naturals,

Seriously Natural Store


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