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Older Natural Feature – Yvonne


My name is Yvonne and I’ve been natural for well over 1.5 years (21 months to be exact).  Chemical free as of 2/2012 and I did not BC but I periodically would clip my ends ridding myself of the relaxer.

I went natural for healthier hair and it wasn’t until I started the journey that I realized hey… some long hair might be nice as well! It was a challenge as far as conventional employment goes, I mean I’d twist my hair loyally every night (which took hours in the beginning) untwist in the morning to WTH!! lol but; I’d rock that hot mess of a do all day with strange looks and even a few mumbled whispers. I refused to give up and if Naptural85 could do this why not me??

And yes I felt sometimes uncomfortable feeling as though perhaps I was out of my league and this was a young girls game; but after careful deliberation the verdict was in…..I was BORN with Natural hair period!! So, I will find my way back to what should feel Natural and normal for me, and so I have.
Now finding the right age appropriate styling well that’s another story (ha) but that too was not as bad as I imagined with all the youtube video’s and the ever growing “BLOGS” so natural seems to be the latest trend; thing is it’s not a trend for me it’s a complete lifestyle! 

I spend more time with my hair than I do on some of the personal things I love to do, I mean it’s almost an addiction (ask my husband and it is, but he LOVES it natural) so as my look took on it’s thing and my hair started to gradually come together, my job simply “ACCEPTED” my look!! (I work for myself now!! yeah me.)

I live in the south (SC to be specific) and it gets hotter than you know where, so during the summer months I have to do a lot of protective styling to protect those ends.  I don’t see a lot of naturals in my area, but we had our 2nd annual hair show and it was awesome!! Anywho, I find a lot of styles via youtube and  I have my favorite ladies and subscribes and I am loving this journey.

My staple products are Shea Moisture… love love love theses products for my very coarse 4-triple z hair lol also, As I am leave in and their twist defining cream.  I use olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, teatree oil, and flaxseed oils in my hair. (not all at once but a combination of about three) I do ACV rinses every 4-6 weeks to PH balance and retain moisture in my hair and DC every two weeks.

Being a older natural I’m surprised that I don’t see more of me, however there are a handful of young hip natural Divas in my area which within itself means very little to me. I may be 51.5 years but I have the spirit of a much younger woman (a plus for the hubby!)  

I think that any one choosing the natural journey needs to do the necessary research, learn their hair; typing is not the most important thing cause most of us have more than one texture (I have three but primarily a 4-c).  Don’t worry about your hair turning out like and/or looking like your hair crush what works for them may not work for you and every particular in-between like their climate, the various other textures in their hair, their maintenance and care for their hair when their not on camera!!  This is a commitment!!  Can’t half step and expect positive results.  Go in and go hard ladies and best of luck on your journeys.

I must say thank you to Yvonne for sharing her journey and her lovely pictures!! She had so many great ones that is was hard to pick which ones to use.  She’s got luscious hair, a beautiful smile and a warming spirit.  Can you tell how much I LOVE doing this older Natural feature?  It’s so great to see all of us loving our hair and yes, our hair is THRIVING!!!  Glad to see there is someone else just as obsessed with their hair as me!

Now don’t be shy.  If you wanna share your Natural hair journey, email me at with your story and a few pics or contact me on Facebook at:  Seriouslynatural  

Take care Naturals,


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