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Kerry Washington – Celebrity Natural

Kerry Washington - Celebrity Natural

Don’t beat me up….but I was unaware that Kerry Washington, one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now was Natural.  No, Sabrina truly did not know! Now that I have shared my ignorance let’s discuss how this talented and amazingly stunning actress has been taking care of her tresses while being Natural.

In the June/July 2013 issue ofSophisticate’s Black Hair, Kerry’s long time hair stylist, Takisha Sturdicant-Drew, discussed Kerry Natural hair that has never (heard me) NEVER been relaxed!  

 SBH: Kerry’s hairstyles
are always on point.  How would you describe her favorite look?

  Kerry loves texture and she loves to play around with any type
of wave because she just likes the way that looks on her face.  She’s
natural – Kerry’s never had a relaxer – and her hair is naturally curly.
 So, typically, I’m blowing out her hair and curling or flat-ironing it
dependign on the style we’re going for.  We do play around with hair
pieces if we’re going for extra length and fullness.

SBH:  Why did Kerry choose to stick with her natural

  Oh, its just healthier for her hair.  She has a great
texture and curl – not as tight as a Jheri curl, but it’s a soft curl.  I
call it wet and wavy.  She likes to wear her hair curly sometimes…Kerry
wets it and it naturally curls up without any products in it!

SBH:  How do you maintain Kerry’s natural hair?

 I wash and condition and trim it every six weeks.  People tend
to get caught up on length but you have to trim the hair to keep those split
ends off and to allow new hair to grow and be healthy.

SBH:  How long has Kerry been a client of yours?

 I’ve been working with Kerry for 11 years.


The rest of this interview can be found in the June/July 2013 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine.  I am happy to see that Kerry has a stylist who is appreciative of her client’s hair and takes care of her natural tresses without always covering it up with a wig or weave.  We may not see selfies of Kerry touting “team Natural” but when you’ve been Team natural all your life….why would you have to?

Now, I am truly not hating on the several celebrities who have
done this but it would be nice if we saw their natural hair more than just on Instagram.  They are not ALWAYS working on a movie, a TV show or on tour.
 Why are they not letting that natural hair out to play?  I digress
and I am sorry.

Back to Kerry.  Here are some pics of her with her tresses in that wet and wavy style her stylist was talking about. 

Kerry Washington - Celebrity Natural

Kerry Washington - Celebrity Natural

Le’ts face it….the woman is gorgeous.  She has one of the hottest shows on TV and she is a talented artist who is in her mid 30’s! (Had to add that to make all the older Naturals happy).  Happy to know she’s Natural and even if she wasn’t we’d love her just the same.

Who am I kidding?  We love her more because she IS Natural!!!

Sharing some Kerry Washington love,

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