Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Introducing: Foxy, Mature & Natural!

Mature N Natural, a YouTube channel, dedicated to that older or mature Natural discusses the issues mature Naturals may face.  They concentrate on our hair and makeup needs and that does include graying hair.  Their goal is to educate and encourage the mature woman to embrace and love their natural tresses.

Mature N Natural created the Natural Hair: The Mature Natural's Project. This project is bringing the many, many mature naturals that have blogs and vlogs and have a true presence in the Natural hair community to light.  Many ads, commercials and pictures show just younger women sporting their gorgeous hair and an older woman who may want to go Natural could feel left out.  Despite that image, we ARE HERE!!!  We've been here and this channel and project is 
bringing us to the forefront.  Yes, sometimes we do feel forgotten.  

We are showing our love and our gorgeous tresses while sharing our hair, tips and heart with you.  You may not know all of us but you get a one-stop-shop of many of us in this video.  I'm shown at 1:42 and I am very honored to have been a part of such a wonderful project.

Please watch the video and check out all the lovely mature Naturals who have been documenting and sharing their journey with all of you.  

Sharing some mature love Naturals,

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