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Curly Girl Method – Nine months and counting

Curly Girl Method - Nine months and counting

I know, I know.  This update is LONG overdue.  I was supposed to do an update over the summer but here we are in October and on my ninth month of following the Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey’s book, Curly Girl: The Handbook [With DVD] Well, the good thing is that my hair is THRIVING and I am retaining length with no buildup from leaving shampoos alone in almost a year!

Well, with nine months in I have colored my
hair three times total each time using 
Shea Moisture Hair Color System (You can click on the link for the review).  I have had no
problems with texture changes, shedding or damaging occurring to my tresses so I
will be using that brand in the future.  I have continued taking my
Hairfinity vitamins although once completed I may start taking Pre-natal
vitamins but after a year I will see if the switch is actually necessary.  Not using shampoo has not been an issue with my hair and it is getting longer and much thicker.  I am shedding much less hair than before, but that
is because I incorporated
 Tea Rinses a few months ago and the difference is remarkable. I
suggest trying that if anyone’s hair is shedding too much and worried about it.  

The thickness has caused some problems with
tangles so I not only section my hair to cleanse it but even when just
 cowashing.  I get in
the shower and let the water run through my hair for a few minutes to help
detangle before adding my conditioners (yes, I said conditioners) to help in
detangling.  I am also going through each section with the conditioner mix
well to ensure all tangles are out and then I put them in twists and move to
the next section.  I cowash to cleanse about twice a month.  I will jump in the shower and add conditioner to my hair about twice a week and refresh my curls
with either my tea mixture or my lavender water on other days.  

I will do a post on my washing and cowashing soon to explain in detail.

Here’s my wash routine:

Conditioner wash – AS I AM Coconut Cowash

leave in
 – Shea
Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative 


                                    Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir.

Styling Gel – Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Sealing / Sealant
 – SM Reconstructive Elixir or Coconut oil.

Yes, I have started using Knot
Today again.  I truly need it for the slip and the mixture with a few
drops of SM Elixir has helped to get those tangles out. 
It sounds bad but really, it is not.  I
take my time with my hair and my products work wonders at keeping my hair
moisturized and tangle free.  I make sure to allow the water work for me
before I start.  Water is truly my friend.

I have been very diligent about buying my hair products when on sale and check, almost daily, Target, Walgreen’s and Sally’s to ensure I save as much as I can.  

All are recent pics from
October except the last one, which was actually around Labor Day.  I have
to say that this method has been going wonderful even with the increase in
tangles and thickness.  I cannot see me incorporating any changes for the
Fall but I may in the Winter time.  Denver winters can be fickle and
although we had our first snowfall last week (don’t worry because it didn’t even stick), no one ever knows if it is going to be a mild or rough winter this

I promise to come back at year one of using the CGM (January) to give pics, updated info and my current hair routine.  

Take care Naturals,



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