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Oil Pulling – The benefits and why you should start

Oil Pulling - The benefits and why you should start

Becoming Natural and blogging has brought me to a world filled with natural remedies for everyday problems.  I find myself stepping away from buying something over the counter to fix issues that natural remedies can do even better.   I’m becoming more aware of all the wonderful uses for my ailments right here in my house and in my hair arsenal.  I’m a huge fan of oils for my hair and body and another great benefit of oils is for oral health and called Oil Pulling.

What is Oil Pulling?
Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice for detox and rejuvenation of the teeth and gums.  Some feel it is also an overall benefit to one’s general health.  It is the act of swishing and pulling, between the teeth, a tablespoon of a particular carrier oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.  Most use Sesame oil but other oils can be used instead.

What are the benefits of Oil Pulling?
Oil pulling removes the multitude of bacteria and toxins found in our mouths. Not all bacteria is bad and in fact there is an estimated 100 million in every millilitre of saliva from more than 600 different species.  Some cause tooth decay, others are associated with periodontal (gum) diseases.  Now, there are hundreds of claims on the benefits of oil pulling but I want to stick to the scientific results.  

In one study, oil pulling could be used as a preventative home therapy to kill bacteria in the mouth.  In another study, oil pulling proves to reduce plaque and gingivitis and lastly in this study it shows to improve bad breath.  

Now, there are claims of clearer skin, whiter teeth and even helping with sinusitis but to my knowledge studies have not be conducted on those issues. That does not mean oil pulling cannot do that.  I personally have noticed after only ONE DAY of trying it that there was some drainage of my sinus cavity and the coughing that started to occur a few days ago has stopped.  

How to do Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling - The benefits and why you should start

Many say do this first thing in the morning prior to drinking, eating or even brushing your teeth. 

  • Take 1 tbsp of your oil of choice (I prefer coconut oil) and if not melted, melt before putting into your mouth.  

  • Now, swish and pull between your teeth but not vigorously.  You may get tired before the 10-20 minutes is up.  


It may seem like a long time so try and do something else like taking your morning shower or fiddling around the house.  If you stand there just watching the clock you MAY not make it. The object is to get a milky white substance once you are finished oil pulling.  That substance is all the toxins and bacteria trapped in the oil.

  • Spit it out.  NOT in the toilet it can clog your pipes.  NOT in the sink it can solidify and clog those pipes too.  Spit in the garbage can.  
  • Rinse your mouth out two or three times with warm water and follow with brushing your teeth. As mentioned before, many say do this first thing in the morning but if not then it should be done on an empty stomach.

Can’t make it to 10 minutes?  Don’t fret.  I’ve only been able to do 5 minutes and still get the milky white substance.  I’m trying to make it to 10 minutes but since I do get the desired results I’m not worried about it too much.  

One great benefit I’ve also noticed is it’s ability to  combat my tongue ulcers. (Gross, I know, sorry!).  I started getting them when pregnant with my first child.  I learned to not use toothpastes with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) since SLS can aggravate the ulcers, but they come and go as they please.   When I first tried the oil pulling I was suffering from them and after just one application of the oil pulling the pain went away. I was very happy about that.

It may seem odd or even gross but I say give it a few day or even a week and if you walk away not noticing SOMETHING positive in your oral and general health you are among the few.  Have you tried it?  If so share and if not give it a try and comment below of your results.  

Keeping our whole body healthy Naturals,

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