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It’s no secret I am a BIG fan of the wash and go but everyone has their own way of doing it.  I wanted to share this version or SimplyBiianaAlexia’s way of doing it since she uses a couple of the same products I use.  I just found her and love her curls/coils and may be taking a few tips from her to add to my routine.  

Yes, her wash and go is pretty simple so I’d love to know what you think and would appreciate your tips or even your routine.  Is there a YouTuber you follow who has a great Wash and Go routine?  The easier the better!!!

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  1. August 20, 2013 / 4:19 pm

    Excellent tutorial ! I will definitely try the Tressemme. I love the AS IAM Co-wash & the Shea Moisture Conditioner

    • August 20, 2013 / 4:41 pm

      It is a great tutorial and glad you are gonna try it.

  2. August 27, 2013 / 1:33 am

    I love finding out about other YouTubers. I will check out her channel. I have discovered that I can get a bangin' wash 'n go with just aloe vera gel, layered with an oil and a butter. my curls get some serious poppin' time lol

    • August 27, 2013 / 10:24 pm

      Oh, have you done a video on that? I would love to see it.

    • August 30, 2013 / 2:17 am

      I haven't but I should right? I am uploading another vid tomorrow of how I do the Greenhouse effect and get WnG results. it's a 2 parter. Thanks for the idea though. Sometimes I'm filled to the brim with vid ideas then I get a dry spell lol

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