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Keeping up with YOUR basics for happy healthy hair

Keeping up with YOUR basics for happy healthy hair

Despite our differences in hair textures, health, ages and even our geographical and environmental elements there truly are some basic techniques that need to be implemented by all Naturals.  They must be implemented if we choose to have happy healthy hair.  There is no magic pill, or protective style that will yield hair to your waist for all of us.  Why? Because we are different!  Despite our differences there are some simple ways to go about your journey that will allow you to gain positive results in your personal Natural hair goals.

I’ve fallen into the category of many where they have struggled for years trying to find what products and techniques that give maximum length retention.  It’s hard to see how others can go from a TWA to bra strap or even longer hair in just a few years when it seems you have been stuck at shoulder length hair FOREVER!  Too many of us are seeing this and not enough are finding out exactly WHAT is keeping us from growing our hair to longer lengths. 

Is it just genes?  Is it protective styling?  Is it stress, or age, or whatever one can come up with that keeps some from growing their hair to maximum lengths in just a few years?  What is the answer?  Well, it may be a couple of things but that can be hard when one is frustrated with their hair being stuck at the same length for years. 

First of all don’t compare yourself or your hair to anyone else.  It will only upset you and keep you from staying positive. It also keeps you from finding out what your hair needs.  I live in a dry climate. I may not have the same needs as someone in a more humid one.  Another issue may be products that appear to work for EVERYBODY that just may not work for you.  You cannot always follow the crowd or even follow what you’ve been used to doing especially if it is not getting you or your hair anywhere.  Stepping back and reevaluating what you are doing may need to be the way to go.

It’s sad for me to realize I was my worst enemy.  I started the Curly Girl Method in January and adopted some other techniques and I see some real length retention in my hair.  I’ve been Natural eight years next month!! Granted, I only started nurturing and loving my Natural hair five years ago but the reason my hair is not down my back was me not finding what works well for me until recently. Yes, it took me too many years to find the right technique but I also had to do a few other things that seem to be helping me with my length.

Drinking more water.  I live in a dry climate.  I need to be drinking more water anyway but once I upped my intake I did notice a bigger difference in my hair AND my skin.  Whenever I lower my intake I immediately see more pimples on my face and I know pretty soon the shedding will come soon after.  I immediately up the water intake to keep me back in balance.

A Wash and Go Natural Year Round

Gentle manipulation of my hair.  I was rushing to do my hair.  I could wash my hair quickly but saw lots of shedding.  In reality I was too rough with my detangling sessions and was actually pulling out hairs.  I stopped that nonsense at the beginning of the year and have noticed less shedding.  I now take my time washing and co washing my hair.  I concentrate on working through knots and gliding my fingers through my hair instead of quickly yanking them through.  What a difference this has made.  Yes, I have longer showers and end up tired as hell after my wash sessions but the rewards have been great so I’ve just gotten used to longer and slower showers.  

Keeping hair moisturized.  For me the Curly Girl Method upped my moisture levels in my hair and has lowered the tangles in my hair.  Conditioner has become my best friend and shampoo has become my enemy.  My hair continues to thank me for removing shampoo from my regimen.  I also make sure to moisturize my hair at night, wearing a satin bonnet and sleeping on a satin pillowcase.  

Keeping your ends healthy.  I had a trim about a year ago and I can see it’s time for another one. I do not want split ends so that means getting trims when necessary so I go by my hair’s needs.  I cannot and will not go by anyone Else’s timetable. 

Once I made the decision to look at what I was doing wrong with my hair I was FINALLY able to find out what I needed to do get my hair right.  It’s not always easy to give up on what you’ve been always doing with your hair, but if what you are doing isn’t yielding great results then you gotta get off the crazy train!  Making excuses won’t help and pretending you are not the problem is not helping you or your hair. Ask yourself if you are retaining length and if not, then look at what you are doing and see if you need to make some changes. 

Not everyone will have the same issues.  You may be using too much heat. You may be using the wrong products.  You may be stressing yourself the hell out and your hair is suffering as a result…..whatever you find just realize that it doesn’t have to stay that way.  You can change what is wrong with your regimen and make it right.

Give your hair what it needs to grow Naturals.  What is that?  The basics.  It’s up to you to find out what those basics actually are.

Going down the right path Naturals,



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    • August 6, 2013 / 8:12 pm

      Thank you! It's really hard sometimes to admit things are not working out right and then it's even harder to find out what to do to make it right.