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The Hair Love Campaign by Tracee Ellis Ross

I love Tracee.  I love her acting, her smile and yes, I love that hair! Hair envy many of us have of those gorgeous locs but, some can take this “I want curly hair” issue a little too far as this picture below suggests:


I’m sure you’ve seen this since it’s been making its way through facebook, twitter and Instagram.  Most laugh at it but in the laughter there is an underlying issue that black women have dealt with for far too long.  I wrote a post about it called,  Stop chasing the Curl Dragon!  Many Naturals are chasing a certain hair type that society has deemed better or appropriate or better looking and all it really boils down to is having a looser curl pattern.  

Ms. Ross is wanting to send the message to love your hair and love it completely.  In the video above she explains her hair journey as well as her reaction to this picture that has been EVERYWHERE.  She’s struggled with her hair just as many Naturals have and yes she’s even had a perm!  Her hair journey is real, raw and feels a lot like what many of us have gone through.  Her journey is our journey so this notion of wanting and desiring her hair is pointless and counterproductive.  As Tracce mentions in her video being mixed is irrelevant.  Why?  Because we all have different textures, ethnicities and mixtures ourselves!Loving and nurturing what you have is self-acceptance and self-love on the deepest level.

I ask you to watch the video and participate in the Hair Love campaign by doing a video and explaining why you love your hair.  There are so many reasons to love what grows naturally out of your scalp.   There is no perfect universal hair type, but there is a perfect hair for each of us and that is our Natural hair.  Please check this video out and you will see just how wonderful Tracee and this campaign actually is.

Loving your Natural hair,



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  1. June 22, 2013 / 8:56 pm

    I can remember in the mid-late 60's when I started wearing my hair au naturel and felt compelled to almost write an essay in the college newspaper as to why I decided to do so. This is a cyclic issue for us as black women. We have all these beautiful and varied natural hairstyles and the proliferation of black women who've embraced blond hair, ultra straight hair and weaves. "Many things are true at once". I like this site and a nod to 'Divas With A Purpose' for the introduction.

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