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Social media…fights / spats / arguments?

Social media...fights / spats / arguments?

The longer I interact on social media the more I find disturbing examples of its toxicity.  Not everything…not all sites but some sites can bring about some really negative people, situations and/or relationships.  Just within the past seven days I’ve experienced about three posts on Facebook where anger has taken over posts.  It turned into 100’s of response threads with back and forth arguing or disrespect that was tiring and a little petty.  It even ended with persons banned from groups for being utterly hateful. 

What do I mean?  Oh, come on!  I know you know.  I’ve seen back and forth cussing out folks exchanges on Twitter along with threats through posts on Facebook that were brought into reality in the street. It’s downright embarrassing as well as ignorant displays of humans at our worst.  Catfish is more truthful than you know when you see the made up accounts on FB or Twitter where some hide behind the falsehood and become downright ugly. 

I came across a post on called 6 people to avoid on social media and I gotta say they were spot on in all six and it made me reevaluate myself to ensure I wasn’t one of those persons.  Yea, we all have bad days but some tend to have a slew of bad days that end up in erupts with others via the web.  That made me dig a little and I came across another insightful post on and found Think Before You Tweet: Social Media Practices Every Sister Should Know.  Here we find common sense tips that keep one’s interactions respectful and fair.  Isn’t it sad that we all need a reminder?

Well, I’m sure some are going to say they didn’t need a reminder and always stay respectful but sometimes our bad days can spill onto the web and before you know it your bad day has seeped into your keyboard.  Sound familiar?  Yea, I’m guilty of it too so don’t feel like you are alone.  Last time I checked we were all human and prone to making mistakes.  There’s just several ways to keep that from becoming a social media spectacle.  

I think the posts mentioned above are worth taking a look at and a little jerk back into reality on just how silly some of these fights/spats/arguments actually are.  

Let’s keep drama on stage Naturals,


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  1. April 17, 2013 / 1:16 pm

    Very good points mentioned here.

  2. May 1, 2013 / 7:32 pm

    This is the nature of the internet unfortunately. I think we are all "selfies" at some point in time. Why else would we even bother to create blogs other than to talk about ourselves lol. There just has to be some balance.

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