Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday - Hourglass Body Shape

We are on week two and that means the hourglass is in the spotlight!  I will be discussing your attributes and how to show them off so you look amazing.

The Hourglass
Most women strive for this shape.  Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a smaller well-defined waist.  You have rounded shoulders that align well with your hips and your waist is obvious and curves out to your hips.  More than likely you have a nice butt and your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs that are shapely.

What flatters the hourglass body shape?
Tops that accentuate your waist which also help to maintain the balance of your body.  Wrap tops, tie-waist tops and belted tops are best.  Scoop necks and V-necks will show are great to show off your bust.  Notice the scoop and V-necks above?  The scoop neck or the v-neck draws attention to your smaller waist.

Wrap dresses are perfect in addition, since; they will pull the fabric in at the skinniest part of your waist.  Soft fabrics like knit or silk blends will gently drape over your natural curves and will keep your bust in proportion with your hips.  Boxy shirts, dresses or jumpers will make you appear boxy.  Steer clear!  Longer skirts are a good idea since shorter skirts take attention away from the waist and the idea is to draw attention TO the waist.  A-line and pencil skirts are universally flattering and will hug your curves and keep things streamlined.

Solid colors flatter your figure the best and muted colors may also work.  Look for pants with a slight flare.  The flare keeps the bottom portion of your leg in balance with your wide hips and will create a longer, slimming appearance of your legs.  Avoid low-rise since they may make your hips look wider. 
Basically an hourglass body shape has to make her waist the focal point but if you have a muffin top and don't dare to wear anything fitted around the waist, wear clothes that skim past the area and make sure you add some interest on top and bottom to make your waist look thinner.

Hourglasses are lucky but they need to be careful not to overpower their look so many of the tips above should really get you on the right track keeping the attention to your waist.  I am not an expert but just wanted to share some well-known tips to keep you looking your best.  Check out next Friday for the Pear body shape.

Stay beautiful Naturals,



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