Fashion Friday – DIY Makeup Organizers

If you are like me and wear makeup but does not have a huge bathroom counter for it; then you will appreciate these Do-it-yourself (DIY) finds.  Now, don’t me wrong…these are just a few, but some out there are pretty tacky or just silly if you ask me.  So, I decided to find some really attractive, inexpensive and professional looking ones for you.

The one up top is pretty self-explanatory.  A brush holder in a square or cube box that can be filled with coffee beans, rocks, or something like that to keep them standing.  I like the idea of coffee beans since I love the smell of them.  Clear is great if you wanna show off the beans or use a colored one if not.

I found this on one and have to say this is awesome.  You can store EVERYTHING you have and if you have a lot then you save tons of space.  This particular one is from staples. This is for the massive collector of makeup but you can also use it for nail polish and nail polish accessories since most of us have a pretty extensive collection.


Some of us don’t have a huge stash of makeup or nail polish so this shower tray (yes, you heard me right), this shower tray is perfect.  Stylish and full of compartments for your small arsenal of makeup.  You even get a space for brushes.

 I love baskets…wicker baskets especially, so I had to show you my makeup basket that is low and skinny but useful with my small bathroom counter.  I can fit quite a lot in there, including facial cleansers and toner without taking up all the space from MP.  Not the most practical makeup organizer but perfect for a wicker basket freak like me!

OK Naturals…what do you use or are you gonna try one of these?  I’d love to know.

Happy Friday Naturals,


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