Are you taking care of your Aging hair? (Part 2)


Yesterday i discussed what to expect with your aging hair and what you can do to combat it.  Today, we will delve deeper into the timeline on what actually happens to your hair as we age.  I found this wonderful article on a blog I like called the Good Hair Diaries 

Hair Ages in 2 Ways: 

  • Chronological Aging
    • This type of aging is related to hair length. The middle of the hair to the ends are the oldest part of the hair and have been through the most. Mechanical, environmental and chemical distress leave the hair dry, thin and sensitized and/or porous.
  • Hormonal Aging
  • Hormonal aging occurs as a result of the physiological changes that women experience as they grow older.  This ultimately results in slowed scalp activity and a decline in melanin, the hair’s natural source of protection and defense against age-accelerating aggressors. 

What Stage Is Your Hair In?


  • Hair should be at its thickest and strongest
  • Scalp produces sufficient amounts sebum which produces a healthy shine


  • External damage from your twenties begins to show
  • There is a slight decline in sebum produced and hair isn’t as shiny


  • The diameter of the hair shaft starts to shrink make it thinner and more fragile
  • A decline in melanin levels leads to gray hair


  • Most women are 50% gray by age 50 due to the steep decline in melanin
  • Follicles continue to shrink resulting in overall finer and thinner including the hairline


  • Nearly 40% of women experience some degree of hair loss by age 60, mostly around the crown leaving hair thin and lackluster

I’m in my early 40’s and I am experiencing grays as well as some thinning.  I won’t let that stop me and will be using some of those helpful tips from yesterday to keep my hair as healthy and happy as it can possibly be!!  What stage are you in?
Let’s fight the aging process Naturals,


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