Loving Tia Mowry’s cropped tresses!


These pics are all over the web and every Natural hair blogger is calling it her Big Chop. I love the cropped tresses and think it makes her look sassy and sexy.  The pics came from MediaTakeOut.com and although I am not familar with this site it claims to be the Most visited Urban Website in the World.  

The site states:

“not 100 PERCENT FEELING her new look . . . we’re gonna give her the
BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT – and see what it looks like when she’s all DRESSED

Really?  I know they are totally entitled to their own opinion but it seems to me that as much as we love and are completely centered around Natural hair (the Natural hair community) it seems many are not finding our looks all that pleasing.  Dressed up?  She looks great and I love her dress, purse, sandals, and shades.  

Sigh….I guess a black woman can’t be beautiful without long flowing STRAIGHT hair?  OK, OK, let me calm down.  I love the look and It looks great on her.  Her son is a cutie too!


Loving her tresses Naturals,


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