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Bad Hair Days…We’re Entitled! (Repost)

Bad Hair days...we're entitled!

Let me first say that what you may consider a bad hair style may have been sparked by creative thought and a work of art to someone else.  This post is not about differences in creativity.  This post is simply about Bad Hair Days and being Natural doesn’t mean you can’t or WON’T have them.

It just needs to be said.  All women are going to have bad hair days.  I don’t care the race, the age, the sexual orientation or the hair type/texture.  This phenomenon has been wired into our DNA. You’ve seen the women in those caveman movies, right?  You think they WANTED to look that way?

We cannot help it.  So why do some relaxed women of color feel the need to add extra pressure to the Naturals Sistas by giving us grief when we’re having a bad hair day?!

Oh, it’s not always personally said to you.  It may be said behind your back, in passing, or even through a rant on a blog.  I get so flipping tired of hearing:

“Her hair looks like crap!”

“Why is it SO dry?!”

“Eww, look at that nappy headed heifer with her hair all over her head!”

“Does she think that mess is beautiful?”

Quite frankly, yes she does.  She may be slightly (or heavily) off her game that particular day, but is that any different than a relaxed Sista trying to press the hell out of her hair to match the weave and failing MISERABLY?  Or is it any differently than the Relaxed girlie who rolled the hell outta bed (with no scarf on) and didn’t do a damn thing to her hair?  I think you get my point.

Natural hair does not mean it will be fabulous everyday.  It doesn’t mean you know what the hell you are doing with it and it most certainly doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  A clueless Sistah with relaxed hair will be a clueless Sistah  with Natural hair.   If you don’t know what you are doing or you don’t don’t do anything with your tresses you will look a hot mess whether it relaxed, Natural or bald!  OK, maybe not the bald woman, but again…you get my point.

Being Natural doesn’t mean we’re held up to different hair standards.   It shouldn’t have to be said but there’s too much negative talk about it when our hair is looking ‘off’.  Give a Natural a break!  We can wake up late, put too much product or not enough in our hair, or quite simply… we just missed the look we were going for.  All I’m saying is stop talking trash and realize we must be having a bad day.  Is that too hard to do?  If that’s not possible than remember what your mother told you when you were little.

If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Take care Naturals,



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  1. August 8, 2012 / 3:40 pm

    I have gotten some snickers and horrible remarks from relaxed girls with terrible breakage and very dirty hair. I once heard a girl make fun of my wash n go because my hair was still wet to find out that she washed her hair about once every 2 months. Hello, that's gross! Even when I was relaxed I never went more than a week between my washes. I suggest developing thick skin and rocking what you got. If I let this bring me down I would still be relaxed and going completely bald.

    • August 9, 2012 / 5:24 pm

      I hate you even had to deal with shit like that. You and your hair is beautiful. I really believe that people should have creative expression with their hair. The wilder the better for me so I'm not gonna hate on anyone else.