NC – Do You Have a Hair Length Obsession?


 Yea, I can say quite a few of us are length driven.  It’s what we talk about the most right after what to use in our hair.  We are taking vitamins, using all natural ingredients as well as trying outright crazy things (like Monistat 7) all in the name of making our hair grow.  Are we taking it too far???

I want my hair to grow but not real sure what length will be ‘the one’ for me.  I would love my hair to be as long as the woman up above but will I drive myself crazy if it doesn’t happen?  I sure hope not!  I know I’m a Natural hair blogger bu there is more to life than just hair.  I have a family, I’m in school, I have a career and i have a life!  Despite my busy schedule I do want long hair.  I just hope I’m not what some would call ‘obsessed’.

I want it to grow too just like everyone else and Kimmaytube, a popular and controversial Vlogger, has long locks and put in the hard work to achieve it.  She’s not the only one in the Natural hair community with long tresses either.  We are coming out with a vengeance and I’m glad to see it since it’s been a pretty common misconception that Black women can’t grow long hair. Knowledge is power so knowing the truth about hair growth helps.  Most of us can expect six inches a year of growth but retaining that growth is what’s important. 

So, I came across this post on and wanted to share.  OK Naturals it’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves….are we as a whole becoming obsessed???

Do You Have a Hair Length Obsession?

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  1. February 6, 2012 / 2:28 pm

    No, no length goals for me.

    I agree some naturals do seem a bit obsessed over it. You see them going overboard with annual, quarterly and monthly length checks, OD'ing on vitamins and supplements without knowing what their bodies actually need.

    I've learned when you take things in stride and go on with life, you have happy surprises. Especially when it comes to hair growth. When I decided to let it grow, I noticed the gradual increase in time styling my wash n gos. That meant more length!

    I'm content to let it grow until I'm comfortable with the look and, most importantly, manageability of the length.

    As you perfectly stated above, we have lives, very busy lives. Who needs the added stress?

    • February 6, 2012 / 6:31 pm

      You are right about that! I want length as well but not going to drive myself crazy achieving it. Thanks for commenting.

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