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I was in Sephora a few months ago looking for some new makeup when I came across this product line.  I was immediately intrigued since it was targeting two important issues for me at 41.  Acne and wrinkles.  I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but Denver is hard on every one’s skin so I’ve been concerned.  I can’t tell you how happy I am I found this!!

“If you’re looking for the best acne products to use while also working to prevent and repair the signs of aging with an anti aging skin care treatment, then Murad’s Anti Aging Acne Regimen is the perfect adult acne solution for you. Forget acne solutions that dry out your skin to heighten fine lines and wrinkles, or anti aging skin solutions that are oily and cause further breakouts. A gentle, Time Release Acne cleanser fights blemishes even after you’re done washing your face. Acne & Wrinkle Reducer is clinically proven to simultaneously clear blemishes while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and winkles. Finally, Anti-Aging Moisturizer hydrates while also controlling the oil which can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. Just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose between an acne treatment and an anti aging skin treatment. Get them both with this collection from the scientific skin care experts at Murad.”  Murad

The kit also contains a Acne Spot Treatment which is supposed to immediately heal blemishes.  This kit lasts a really long time and it’s not terribly expensive but it’s not super cheap either.  It’s nicely placed between drugstore products and upscale department store prices.  

I followed the directions to the letter using the Time Release Acne Clenaser during the day in the shower and follow up with the 2nd step using the Acne & Wrinkle Reducer followed by the 3rd step the Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20.  

*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!
**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again. 
***     Average.  May or may not buy again.
****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.
***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution *****

Yes, it is excellent and I have been buying again.  I am very happy with this product line and even though I cannot speak for any of the other lines (they do have many) I can say that I’ve even tried Proactiv and was disappointed but not with Murad!  I have seen a true reduction in blemishes.  I suffer form monthly outbreaks but that has lessened along with the stress induced ones. 

If you are suffering from adult acne you really should give Murad a try.  They can be found at most Sephoras as well as online at

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