THE NATURAL HAVEN: Glycerin: Fall and Winter Hair Care


I have a real connection with Glycerin since it was the first humicant I used on this Natural hair journey.  I was told it could only be used during the summer months.  With me living in a state that has all four seasons I took heed and lived by the well known notion.  After coming across other products I decided to leave Glycerin alone due to it’s inabliity to be used yeararound.  The Natural Haven disucsses this well know notion and dispells it scientifically.  I just love her!!

“If you did science in high school you may recall that in chemistry, the more stable a substance is, the less likely it is to change unless you inject in a large amount of energy. Therefore, glycerin bound to water is not easily going to give its water.

Therefore my conclusion is that glycerin is fine to use all year round. I do think that glycerin does have many stages depending on how much or little is on hair (it can feel good, sort of dry, sticky or mushy). It is definitely not the easiest product to use because results are variable so you may hate it one day and then love it the next.” The Natural Haven

I am not a scinetinst but she is and I find her blog so informative and accurate.  It’s good to know that I don’t have to worry about the weather when I use glycerin.  Oh wait…can’t forget to mention that it can be found in just about ANY hair supply store as well as any Whole Foods.  It’s cheap too and that’s always a good thing!  Dispelling myths can allow more women to go Natural since they won’t have to be limited by old wives tales and the like. 

You can read the article in it’s entirety below:
THE NATURAL HAVEN: Glycerin: Fall and Winter Hair Care:

Use those humicants Naturals,


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  1. November 9, 2011 / 4:41 pm

    Hey there Sabrina, I used some Design Essential Daily Moisturizing Lotion this weekend to do my twists, along with some GNatural Scalp and Hair Conditioner (mixer of oils -looks like a grease/pomade- I likey). The DE has Glycerin as the 2nd ingredient. My twists have stayed moisturized, plump (for a fine haired natural) and easily sealed. I love the feel of my hair right now and I think I have found a good winter combo. Leave-In, Moisturizer, Hair & Scalp Conditioner (gNatural) and my One'n Only Argan Oil treatment or just Argan Oil to seal. It is heavenly! the One N only has Cones but I like cones for sealing in a good Moisturizer.

  2. November 10, 2011 / 12:26 am

    I use glycerin all year round, mixing it in my concoction. I never use it alone, always in conjunction with aloe vera gel and lots and lots of water. It is good stuff. I would recommend it.

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