MN – Why Are Black Women Attacked? Simple: Black Don’t Crack


If this pic above doesn’t make you see it then nothing will!  Rachel Zoe, 38 and Kimberley Elise, 44

That’s the stats right there and the proof is in the pic sweeties!  Our aging process is slower for most of us Black woman and sometimes that can spark some serious jealously that turns uglier than most.

Ramona X at, discusses this beauty rivalry and how it makes women of other races attack us as a whole.  Whether you agree or not with her take on the negativity that swirls around us as ‘Black don’t crack’ envy; this post is a good read and makes you think.

“I’m not going to go on a whole long Isis-Papers –inspired soliloquy on why black people are so hated and so loved at the same time, but let me just share with you what the primary, subconscious reason is for all this hate: Black don’t crack. That’s right, the fact that black women do not age as rapidly or get attacked by wrinkles at a relatively young age is a source of jealousy of our melanin-challenged counterparts. And as we all know, jealousy breeds contempt.

Laugh if you’d like. It’s the truth. This subconscious envy of a people, who have a relationship with the source of energy that doesn’t wrinkle them to death, who can spawn and influence world culture by their very natural existence, is real. But let’s take this discussion down a notch and allow me to explain how Black women are being attacked because of this subconscious contempt of our melanin.”

I just LOVE being a black woman!  We do take on a lot and are victims of tons of criticism but this Friday we are gonna sit back and enjoy the envy.  Haters!!

You can read the article in it’s entirety below:

Why Are Black Women Attacked? Simple: Black Don’t Crack

Stay beautiful Naturals,



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