Let’s get ready for budget-friendly Fall fashions!

Ruby Romance Dress

I don’t discuss fashion as much as I want to but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested.  Hey, I’m a shopaholic and of course clothes are on that list.  I love clothes and I especially love dresses.  I would wear them everyday if I could so I wanted to share some real beauts for Fall that are under fifty bucks! 

We are still in an economic crisis no matter what the 1% does or buys.  The mass majority or the 99% has to be budget conscious so I wanted to share this list (13 Great Fall Dresses for Under $50) I found on www.thebudgetfashionista.com/.

I had to show that gorgeous one up above first because it’s so pretty to much as well as versatile.  Tights and even a long sleeved shirt underneath makes this the perfect Fall dress.  Actually it can be worn alone making it a great Spring or Summer dress as well.  I love dresses that I can wear year around!  It’s from Modcloth.com

Plus Size Zipper Dress

This one is also in Plus sizes as well as in three different shades.  I gotta admit I don’t shop at Kmart on the regular but this dress along with another one on the list has gotten me interested in stopping by.  I love any dress I can throw tights under.  I find tights way more comfortable than pants or pantyhose.  Well….I’m still in love with Yoga pants and not gonna pass on them anytime soon!

A few on the list aren’t really my style but that shouldn’t stop any of you budget conscious Naturals out there from looking.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised so check out the link below for the eleven other dresses on the list.


Let’s get ready for Fall Naturals,


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