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Home Keratin Treatments


One of my girlfriends made me aware of this new phenomenon of an “at home keratin treatment”.  I was blown away since I hadn’t heard of them even being on the market.  Nonetheless, they are EVERYWHERE including Sally’s Beauty Supply where she actually got hers. 

I was skeptical of it’s use since the Salon products tout no Formaldehyde but actually have it in them.  I did do a post last week, More disturbing news on the Brazilian Blowout, discussing the dangers of the Brazilian Blowout as well as BB’s newest product the Brazilian Blowout Zero which claims it has a plant-derived KeraSafe Bonding system. 

I had her explain to me step by step what she did and probably wore her out with my questions, but I wanted to find out exactly how she used it.  While trolling the net getting more info on this, I came across an article,  GHRI Investigates: At-Home Salon Favorite Do-It-Yourself Keratin Treatment Kit, where the popular magazine tested four at home keratin treatments.

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) recently tested four salon keratin hair treatments — the popular process that makes frizzy locks sleek — for the presence of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and found that all four contained the toxic chemical….

Test results confirm that, as claimed, it does not contain formaldehyde. Instead, it uses a chemical called glutaraldehyde as its active ingredient to bond keratin to the hair. Glutaraldehyde is in the same chemical family as formaldehyde,…

The instruction manual for Salon Favorite warns consumers to avoid inhalation, ingestion, and contact with skin and eyes; to wear protective gloves (included in the kit) while applying; and to use it in a well-ventilated area. This warning, coupled with our concerns over the application method (like salon versions, the at-home treatment calls for heating the hair with a flat iron, which could release irritating fumes), led us to decide it was too risky to test the product’s straightening prowess on volunteer testers or hair swatches in our labs.”  Good Housekeeping

After talking to me she (my girlfriend) admitted she didn’t check the label but would even though she was happy with the results she achieved by using it.  She noticed a pleasantly, buy strong and lingering, smell of vanilla when applying the treatment.  No eye irritation or skin irritation, which was good, but the process took her about four to five hours since her hair is thick and it was her first time trying it. 

I agree with Good Housekeeping that these products are too risky to be using but understand and respect my girlfriend’s decision to use as well as anyone else’s decision to use these products.  You can find out more about the products as well as Good Housekeeping’s investigation below:

Read more: DIY Home Keratin Treatment Kit – Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects and Safety – Good Housekeeping

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