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Can you repair split ends?


No, not really but I saw a Pantene commerical touting a new product that can repair split ends.  Really?!?!  I thought that couldn’t even be done.

Keratin Protection Crème

”Hair is mostly made up of keratin.Our keratin protection crème helps:
Bind existing split ends with one use

End split ends with continued use
Protect hair from damage and breakage” 

Is this true?  I didn’t think so, so I decided to do some research.

The Right Beauty Brain Replies:
We’re afraid that split end repair products are lots of bluff and not much stuff.

To see why, you have to understand a couple of things about basic hair biology. Hair is dead and once it’s damaged it can’t repair itself. A new strand of hair can grow out, but any part of the fiber that’s already damaged can’t heal itself. And when hair is damaged it looks like this:

Despite what hair care companies might tell you, there’s nothing that can actually repair a hair that looks like that.  At best, you can temporarily smooth the split by using a product that covers the damaged area with a film. But the next time you wash your hair that protective film washes away too.”

Conditioner contains a variety of agents which are particularly attracted to areas of damage. For example silicones are particularly good for temporarily fixing split ends. Fatty alcohols such as stearyl alchohol and surfactants such as behentrimonium chloride can adsorb (meaning temporarily stick) onto hair. (Don’t tune out – See the diagram below!). However, all of these ingredients will wash out. The only remedy for damaged hair is to cut off the damage and let the hair regrow.”

I especially found the fact that hair is dead and cannot repair itself as pretty important on this issue.  Yes, there are products that may temporarily aid in smoothing the split end back together but that’s only TEMPORARY.  It sounds like Pantene is giving a quick fix for a short time and not worth the purchase if you really wanna get rid of the split ends all together.  Bust out the scissors Naturals cause that’s the only way to get rid of ’em!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are great ways to keep from getting split ends in the first place.  Don’t just wanna damper the mood and not help!

Here are some tips on keeping the split ends at bay:

1.   Stay away from the heat! 

2.   Keep hair moisturized!

3.   Deep condition!

4.   Stay away from the chemicals!

5.   Don’t over manipulate the hair with combing and brushing!

6.   Sleep with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase!

7.   Get hair trimmed if you are doing damage to your hair!

We can win this battle of split ends if we do what is necessary to NOT get them.  Are we doing that Naturals?  We better!

Stay split end free Naturals,



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