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Six months with NO HEAT


It’s been six whole months that I turned my back on Heat and considered it another bad “four letter word”.  I saved money by not purchasing a Huetiful Hair Steamer like I wanted and I saved even MORE money by not getting my hair straightened by a professional like in the past.   I waved ‘bye bye’ to heat for good.  I must say that I didn’t miss it and it wasn’t a hard decision to make nor keep. 

Dryness?  Nope, haven’t seen it.  Yea, yea, yea…I know it was Spring and Summer but I gotta be honest with you by saying I wasn’t too kind to my hair the past six months.  I was lazy, forgetful with shampoos and pre poo treatments and downright shameful on some accounts with sealing my ends.  No, there isn’t a fur ball on top of my head but I wasn’t being a good example of how to take care of Natural hair.  In my defense I was dealing with an illness that gave me some downtime but I didn’t have to take the neglect as far as I chose to do.  SHAMEFUL!!

Well, this past six months have been just fine without adding heat to my hair.  I even used cool or slightly warm water in the shower for co-washes and cold water for rinsing.  (Let me tell you…if you ain’t awake when you get in the shower you WILL be fully awake after a cold water rinse!)  I admit it was easier for that cold water rinse since we are in warmer months and I have an open bathroom to my bedroom.  I won’t have to worry during winter because I now have a closed bathroom and I can keep warm.  Nonetheless, I would have put a heater in there in order to keep up with that routine. 

Just like in my post  Over a month with ‘No Heat’ back in May:

“Now, I’m just saying what works for ME.  I’m not saying all women of color should back away from the hair dryer, flat iron, etc.  You may be an artist with those tools and never experience heat damage.  I’m just seeing it’s not necessary for me and my curls.  They have been just fine and actually, quite fine with no heat being applied in the month or so I’ve I stepped away from heat.” 

I just wanted to share how easy stepping away from heat has been.  Now that I need a trim again I am on the hunt for a Natural hair stylist who can trim my hair WITHOUT straightening it.  I have a few numbers but I haven’t made the official call yet.  I’ll be doing that in the next two or three weeks as I’m a little busy right now. 

I’m post six months and counting and truly happier for it.  In all fairness I’ll give a year ‘NO HEAT’ post next April after enduring another Colorado winter so the ‘nay sayers’ can be silenced.  Gotta give a full account in order to be considered a reputable source.

Stay heat less Naturals (if you want),


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  1. October 14, 2011 / 10:06 pm

    Congratulations to YOU! Living natural life without heat is wonderful, isn't it? I'm glad to see you come over from the hot side! LOL. Me? I'm two and a half years and counting. Again, congrats. I bet your hair thanks you daily. "Silence the naysayers"? Too funny.

  2. October 18, 2011 / 3:30 pm

    Thanks JazzWife. I'm trying to stay on the NO HEAT path. The only obtacle I may face is getting a trim. Other than that it's been great.