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Been Natural for six years and yes it’s been a journey!

It’s been six years.  Six years since we left New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina.  I won’t even get into all the horrors we dealt with regarding that time in my life but somehow I had to think about my hair in the midst of it all.  I was concerned for my hair since we left a humid climate to a dry one.  I have always lived with humidity whether Down South or on the East Coast so moving to Denver scared me.  Could my relaxed hair survive? 
I didn’t wanna chance it so I stopped relaxing my hair and I can truly say I have never looked back…well, once during the first three years I did look back, but that story is rather funny and will save for another post.   Next month it’ll be three years when I actually began nurturing my Natural tresses as opposed to just covering it up.  I stopped wearing braids, wigs and weaves and it was a giant leap into the life I now live and love.  Going Natural for me was so liberating.  I wish I had done it sooner.

Six years of trial and error.  There were so many errors!!  I was making big mistakes that I think most women make when leaving chemicals and going Natural.  I was a mess and so was my hair so I neglected it.  That was six long years ago and as I aged I grew wiser.  I’m 41 today and loving myself more than I think I’ve ever loved myself before.  Being Natural has a lot to do with that.

I don’t regret the mistakes I’ve made along the way as well as the ones that are soon to come.  All of them help me along this Natural hair journey.  With each passing day I come closer to learning as much about my hair as I can to achieve beautiful Naturalness.  I have bad hair days as well as great days but all in all it’s worth it.  Six years.  I’m grateful for taking the plunge and thankful for all the wonderful Naturals out there helping one another with their experiences and advice.  There were so many who gave me the courage to hang in there when I felt unsure and who gave me ideas on what to do when I felt helpless.  The Natural hair community is wonderful.

So, I hope I’ve helped a few along their way and please pass on the knowledge.  No, not every Black woman will go Natural nor may they ever want to, but as long as we are here to help the ones who do we are on the right path. 

Stay Natural Naturals,


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