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Learned something new on this Natural Hair journey…


I’ve been home for awhile dealing with an illness but recovering nicely.  I expect to be out a few weeks more but I have to say that even during bad times our hair has to prevail.  If one is fortunate enough to become sick without it affecting their hair then one must find a way to maintain the hair while spending most of the time getting well.  I was kinda worried about how I was going to achieve that. 

Ten years ago when I had my son I was still relaxed living in New Orleans.  I was alternating between relaxed styles and braids.  I had learned that my hair grew more when braided up but I would go about seven or eight months without a perm to get length and then return to relaxed styles.  By my method, I was able to grow my hair longer than I’ve ever remembered it growing. 

When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the perm up with a newborn and wanted to look nice while in the hospital as well.  I decided to get the braids before he was born and alas, my hair was gorgeous!  Fast forward ten years later and now I am a Natural haired woman well into my journey with a few tricks up my sleeve.  For a brief moment I considered going back to box braids.  The problem I faced was that I didn’t want to spend the money for them as well as I am so used to wearing my hair free that I wasn’t sure I would like that style any longer.  I decided to just ‘wing it’ and keep my WnG.  What a great decision!

My hair has been virtually maintenance free!  All I needed in the hospital was water, a headband, my satin bonnet and my magic fingers.  At night I wore the bonnet and as the nurses came into my room and saw my bonnet (they were white) they thought my bonnet was cute.  I told them it keeps my curls and when they saw me in the morning they were astonished by what they saw.  It truly kept those curls fresh and all I had to do was sprinkle some water on it, fluff it out with my fingers and throw on the headband.  Not gel, no conditioner necessary because I was only there for a day or so and I was fine.  Who knew?

Now I’m home and been doing the same routine but maybe sprucing it up a little more with gel when I go out of the house or have company.  Not only is my hair looking amazingly well with no matted curls but I’m using less product!  Satin bonnet, satin pillowcase, my favorite products in the shower and coconut oil is all I’ve been using regularly to keep the curls popping and the hair healthy.  Man, you truly learn something new everyday.

I’m sharing to show that protective styles are not necessary for everyone and that includes during times of illness.  A few accessories you already have in your bathroom is all you need as well as creativity and knowledge of your hair.  I probably wouldn’t have done so well if I had started going Natural a few months ago, but I’ve been Natural six years next month.  I know my hair.  I nurture my hair and I LISTEN to my hair.  I give it what it needs and it gives me what I crave.  Beautiful natural hair. 

I’m taking care of what’s important…my health but not at the expense of my tresses.  No matted hair, no broken strands, no dry patches.  I’m looking awesome even though I feel like crap.  Isn’t that what a woman is supposed to do?

Stay healthy and lovely Naturals,


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  1. Anonymous
    December 9, 2012 / 1:44 am

    Sometimes we have to go through something for us to find out what really works for us. Great post.