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Am I saving more money now that I’m Natural?

If I was asking MP, his answer would be a resounding ‘NO’, but I’m asking myself as well as other Naturals out there.  Are you saving more money on your hair being Natural?  I would have to say yes!

MP is the frugal one in our relationship.  I’m a shopaholic.  Somehow we manage probably because we offset one another.  Of course he’s going to say I spend too much on my hair so his opinion really doesn’t count in this.  He thinks spending more than 10 dollars a month on my hair is too much so you see why he’s not factoring in on this. 

My question may partly be affected by my geography.  While living in New Orleans I didn’t spend nearly as much on my hair.  Salon prices are much cheaper there as opposed to Denver.  Denver…..what is up?  They have Salon prices that mirror Manhattan or LA.  It’s crazy and I know I’m not the only one who has noticed.  Denver is big but not big enough to be demanding these kinds of prices.

I’ve recently seen many blogs discussing how Natural hair is pricier than Relaxed.  Really???  I don’t use the cheapest products nor the priciest but I know I’m spending less.  I never put my own perms in so I was always at the mercy of stylists.  I also wore weaves and braids and I’ve always had to have someone else take care of my hair.  That means money. 

Now that I’m Natural I do almost everything myself outside of giving myself my bi-yearly trim.  I just want a professional to do that.  I don’t wear protective styles so there’s no need for anyone messing in my hair for those styles.  I am still the wash and go queen.  I’m saving dollars with my Natural tresses and I’m pretty proud as well as happy about that.

So, asking if someone is spending more or less going Natural is truly a personal choice.  It depends on how you wear your Natural hair, whether or not you are a Product Junkie as well as how you took care of your permed hair.  So many variable to factor in before you can honestly answer so…..I’m asking all you Naturals out there.

Are you saving money by going Natural?

Happy spending Naturals,


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  1. August 17, 2011 / 5:15 pm

    Most definitely saving money. I have about 5 staple products, which last me a pretty good amount of time, (with the exception of my deep conditioner; I find myself buying that monthly at $10 a pop). I only visit the salon once every 3 months, which costs me about $50 each time, as opposed to going every 2 to 3 weeks. So yes, going natural has been very nice to my wallet! I'm very pleased with both that and my hair.

  2. August 17, 2011 / 9:19 pm

    I definitely am. I have all the products I need so I have months spending no money at all on my hair. As apposed to spending $60 a month or every two months on a relaxer outside of buying products.

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