Seasons change…does your Wash cycle?


I’m not talking about which products you or I may use.  Of course our hair has very different needs during those very different seasons.  I’m wondering about your actual wash cycle.  How often are you washing your hair during the Summer and does it differ greatly from when you washed in the Winter?

You see….I’m having a really hard time keeping up with my wash cycle.  I can’t remember the last time I wash my hair nor am I keeping up with a routine (once a week, twice a week, etc.)  I, for the life of me, can’t keep up with it!  I truly am wondering at least twice a week on when was the last time I threw some shampoo in my hair.  Am I the ONLY one with this issue?

I’m sure part of the reason is the fact that I’m not using as many oils during the Summer or warmer months.  Denver has a very dry climate but it’s much more dry during the Winter or colder months.  I must and do use more oils to moisturize my hair to keep it healthy.  More use of oils….more need to wash???  Not sure if that’s what I’m trying to say but I am saying I am on a weekly or bi-weekly washing routine during Winter.

I am still the Wash and Go Queen during the Summer but why am I always wondering when I’ve washed my hair last?  Is Summer just a more relaxed Season or am I just being lazy with the routine?  I do see myself getting away from ‘must wash on a certain day’ and moving more towards a ‘my hair needs to be washed’. 

OK Naturals, what’s your wash routine and does it change according to the season?  I’d love to know!

Take care Naturals,


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